Training and group rides happen year round and there is certain to be a group that suits your riding ability.  Greater Arizona Bicycling Association offers a variety of rides.  Visit for the current ride schedule, ride rating information, and much more.

Be the best Rider you can be by taking a Bike Safety Class. If you live in Pima County, take the Traffic Skills 101 class (it’s free!). Class content is from the League of American Bicyclists and is taught by League Cycling Instructors. Visit for a schedule of free classes.  For those who live outside of Pima County, please visit the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists site for class information in other parts of the state.

Rules & Safety of the Road:

  • Always stop at the Stop Signs and Red Traffic Lights
  • Always use hand signals and communicate your intentions
  • Drink before you are thirsty and eat before you are hungry
  • Carry identification
  • Do not ride more than 2 abreast
  • Always ride in the rightmost lane that serves your destination
  • Don’t be a distracted rider.  Leave the headphones home.
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    Masters Road Nationals ride into Ogden Wednesday
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