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Summer Issue!  

Here we are at the summer issue of Tail Winds. Yes, a little late but here nonetheless. We have a few stories on what’s happening in and around Perimeter Bicycling and El Tour, scheduled for Nov. 23, 2019.

We take a look at El Grupo, a great organization that helps empower youth through cycling. Enjoy their story.

We feature Kay Erb, a volunteer for Friends for Pima Animal Care Center. She’s been around for 14 years and now is helping through cycling. Then there’s Karin and Dick Roth, who are going through health issues but stay strong through cycling. Same for Thomas Malisewski, who crashed on his bike but is steadfast in a cycling return. We applaud all of you.

Have a great rest of summer and see you in El Tour!


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Did you know the Arizona adaptive sports program is one of the most competitive groups in the country? Well, it is and it continues to get better each year behind Peter Hughes, the new adaptive sports director at the University of Arizona. Winning titles happens quite frequently at UA. More will come in the future. 
Kate Hiller is halfway through her first year of being executive director of El Grupo. She’s having a good time given she’s working with youth and helping make an impact. Hiller feels, “The Importance of El Grupo in the community is that we are building Tucson’s future leaders.”
Hiller was quick to point out those who participate in El Grupo have a 100 percent high school graduation rate.
29th Holualoa El Tour De Mesa  
Riding her bike in and around Tucson brings joy to Kay Erb. In this year’s El Tour de Tucson, Erb will ride for The Friends of Pima Animal Care Center.
The Friends of PACC is the nonprofit affiliate to Pima County’s animal shelter. They help with critically needed resources to Pima Animal Care Center. 
With the 37th El Tour de Tucson coming in a few months, the cumulative amount raised for charity will surpass $100,000,000. That is One Hundred Million Dollars! 
This might make El Tour de Tucson the granddaddy of charity cycling events in the known universe. If there are any larger, I’d love to hear/know what it is. 
Few things will prevent Thomas Malisewski from riding his bike. Clearly, a near-death experience won’t.  He also knows he’s lucky to be alive given the circumstances of what was to have been a nice day on his bike with fellow members of Tucson Riders for the Cure.
After all, he’s been riding a bike for more than 20 years for the “good health” of it and “the beautiful outdoors.” Accidents happen, he said, but it’s about getting back on the bike now. 
 – Of Course
Dick and Karin Roth have been together for more than 34 years and enjoy every moment.  They are  that cute couple you see enjoying life on a bicycle … no matter the circumstances.
Yet, they power through.


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Welcome to the Spring Issue of Tail Winds, an issue we are proud of because of what’s in it. We feature our new Interim CEO, Doug Holland, who has taken over for founder and president Richard J. DeBernardis. We also feature cover girl Denise Korenek, the world’s fastest human on a bicycle. We’re very proud of her given she was our dedication recipient in the 2016 El Tour de Tucson and is now the dedication recipient for the 2019 Holualoa Companies El Tour  de Mesa. Once again, we have a variety of stories – as always – involving the outdoors, and of course, cycling. Dig in and enjoy! 


Doug Holland, 
Perimeter’s New Interim CEO
Meet Doug Holland, Perimeter Bicycling’s new Interim CEO and the man who has been directed to help El Tour de Tucson move forward in an orderly fashion.
“I just want to help cycling in the community and help Richard,” said Holland, who has taken on the task to replace Richard DeBernardis, who is now the CEO Emeritus. DeBernardis founded El Tour de Tucson in 1983. El Tour will be in its 37th year in 2019.

El Tour De Mesa’s Dedication Recipient 
Denise Korenek seems to be on top of the cycling world. And she is, having become the fastest human on a bicycle. Korenek did what seemed impossible: becoming the world’s fastest person on a bicycle, going 183.9 miles per hour. Because of that and her many accomplishments, Korenek is being honored as this year’s Holualoa Companies El Tour de Mesa Dedication Recipient.

For the Love of a Bike
Monika Damron grew up in Tucson, Arizona. She remembers being taken on a few long bike rides out towards Gates Pass and Sabino Canyon and pretty much suffering the whole time. But now she’s a lover of bicycles and rides throughout Tucson after moving from bike-friendly Portland. Read about her experiences.

You Gotta Have Heart – Conger Does
It takes a whole lot of heart to play any sport and to commit to it with passion. But what happens when your heart is actually broken? David Conger, a junior at the University of Arizona and a member of the UA club triathlon team, hopes to keep up with training long after he graduates. “I think what’s different about me compared to other triathletes is for sure my mindset,” Conger said.

Asarco Means A Lot To El Tour
Asarco sponsors a cycling team for the 2018 El Tour de Tucson, the largest perimeter bicycle event in the United States. More than 6,500 participants ride the distance of 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles.
Asarco had 28 cyclist participated in the event from Mission, Ray, Hayden, Corporate, CBY and Buena Vista Del Copra (Mexico).

From Canada with Love
A group of 10 men from Canada came to Tucson to enjoy the world of cycling. And, well, they had the greatest of times. So much so they will be coming back more and more. 
Some had been here before talking up southern Arizona and its great qualities of the sport.


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Tail Winds Winter 2019

This issue is dedicated to our great colleague Carol Barry-Nelson, who suddenly passed away in January. We will miss her laugh and honesty. She worked with El Tour for more than 30 years, helping design many of our projects including The Journal and Tail Winds. Also, the 2018 Ride was one to remember with more than 6,000 riders on the streets for El Tour.  What another great year for El Tour. It was a day to remember given the weather and the festivities. Read all about it.



Cycling: The Tie That Binds
Writer Lisa Harris takes a look at her friendship with Jane Kattapong and how they rode in the 2018 El Tour de Tucson. It’s a friendship that has lasted for ages and much of the time riding through the streets of Tucson. The University of Chicago has two good friends as alumns.

El Tour Stories
Landis – Back In Tucson For Another Ride
More than 6,000 cyclists participated in El Tour, one was Floyd Landis. He didn’t finish but he didn’t care to. He loves Tucson so on Ride Day he meandered around the city after starting in the 100-mile event. And, Michael Hast was the first-place finisher in the 50-mile event for the second time in a row. “It was a great ride,” Hast said

First-Place Finishers Salomon And Reynolds Tell Their Stories
First-place finishers David Salomon and Shelby Reynolds their objective was to win their respective events. And they did. Salomon was a repeat first-place finisher in the 100-mile event in the male category while Reynolds won the female 100-miler after a near-miss or two in previous years.

El Grupo Gets New Leader In Hiller
Daniela Diamente will be leaving as the Executive director of El Grupo in April, but her heart will always be in it. Diamente, Rivera de Rosales and their 9-year-old son will be travel internationally via bicycle in what should be a trip of a lifetime. Kate Hiller will take over as Diamente’s replacement.

To The Land Of Happy Cacti
Writer and University of Arizona student Dalal Radwan wrote about her life away from home. In the land of the Cactus, if you will. The Palestinian is a Fulbright scholar who is navigating her way through the Tucson streets via bicycle. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been a major learning experience. After all, isn’t that what college is about?

Small Races, Small Towns and Big Rewards
Writer and runner Tracey Rowley Metcalfe loves to find stories all over the country and in her neck of the woods. This time she found it in southern Arizona. She went to Willcox for a ride or what many would call a “boutique” race, those small and unknown races that people know little about. She found here way to Willcox for what was a good time.


Start Lines-6
Calendar- 24-25
Finish Lines- 26


Tail WInds Fall 2018

 The 2018 Ride was one to remember with more than 6,000 riders on the streets for El Tour. We’ll have the next issue of Tail Winds out soon for everyone to read about it. See you soon.



First Love! A Bike
It started as an idea to get the stories of cyclists who remember their love of riding and their first bike. A few riders sent in their stories about their love for their childhood bicycle. Oh, the memories.

Defeating Polio 100 miles at a time
John Hewko, the General Secretary of Rotary International, penned a nice story about Rotary’s impact on polio and its possible/eventual eradication worldwide. Rotary has raised millions of dollars to help make that happen. Much of it here at El Tour.

The Richard J. DeBernardis Collection
We’ve moved the display of the El Tour posters – better known as the Richard J. DeBernardis Collection – to Tail Winds so many can see and possibly collect. If you don’t have one in your collection you’re missing out. Pick them up at the Perimeter Bicycling office.

Friends of PACC
The Friends of PACC are a new beneficiary this year and they are doing well in an attempt to raise money for Pima Animal Control Center. It’s for the love of animals that need love and attention. Dog lovers Jerry Rosen and Ursula Schwarz are two of PACC’s riders.

Team Semper Fi
Ryan Beamish is doing all he can to help military veterans get through their troubles. He’s using cycling to help him assist them. He’s president of Team Semper Fi, a non-profit with a mission of providing financial assistance and lifetime support to post 9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured service members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

High School Mountain Bikers
Cycling in high school is taking off in a big way and Ben Chandler is doing his part to make sure it succeeds. He’s a coach of three Tucson teams that compete statewide. Arizona has 67 teams and about 1,000 riders from 150 schools. Cycling provides a sport to those who don’t want to play the traditional sports like basketball, football and baseball.

Ben’s Bikes
Ben Chandler is one of the many volunteers for El Tour. He owns Ben’s Bikes and he’s using his knowledge of cycling and all that goes into repairing them into helping those who have issues on the road on ride day. Have a flat? Ben will be there. Broken spoke? He can help with that too. He loves cycling so he’ll be a fixture at this year’s ride.


Start Lines-6
Calendar- 24-25
Finish Lines- 26

Tail WInds Summer 2018

Tail Winds may look the same on paper, but we are now distributing it online. We’ve packaged it differently on our website so it will be easier to find and read. It will be just one click away when readers get it via their computer. You’ll be able to scroll down to get to our table of contents for individual stories. As you peruse the paper, you can return to the TOC to find the story. 
We hope you enjoy the easier-to-read, get-to website. It’s important to us you read a publication you are proud of


Getting Down And Dirty 
by Dr. Christy Wise

Writer Dr. Christy Wise brings up the subject of adults needing to do what they did when they were younger … act like kids. It’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. It’ll help with happiness and health. You might want to try it.

Raising Hope Through Help For Charities
by Damion Alexander

Local cyclist and advocate Damion Alexander has a plan to raise a few thousand dollars for local charities for the upcoming El Tour. He plans on riding the Tour for as many beneficiaries who want his services. A few have already joined in. See how you can.

UA Cycling Team Excels
by Steve Rivera

Since 2014, the team has focused on rebuilding and over the last couple of years it’s done very well. The team achieved their goals of being No. 1 after wins at cyclocross nationals, 6th at BMX (first in clubs), and third overall at road nationals.

Third Pima County 
El Tour Loop the Loop
Come join the Perimeter staff and many others as we kick off the El Tour season. It’s September 15 and begins on various sites of the Loop and ends at an after party beginning at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Ramada (777 W. Cushing Street & I-10).

The Loop Motivated Me to Get a New Bike
by Felix Gafner

Writer/cyclist Felix Gafner has liked The Loop so much he bought a bike and now spends his time on The Loop. It’s like he’s been awakened by the scenic route of more than 128-miles. He encourages everyone to ride it.

El Tour De Mesa Was A Great Day
by Steve Rivera

There was plenty of excitement in the 100K and 50K rides in Mesa. The 50K ride for the men was as close as you can get, but Conor Johnson prevailed. In the 50K, Tucson’s McEvoy finished first and 24th overall. Tanner Thornton broke late to take the 100K.

Seeing The World While Wearing Running Shoes 
by Steve Rivera

Writer Tracey Metcalfe Rowley had a business trip to San Antonio and the last thing she wanted to do was miss out on a running workout. So, she was innovated and inspired to see the city on a run. She found a tour – where they run – and take in the site. Cool concept.


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Tail Winds 2018 Spring 
So, here we are at another Holualoa Companies El Tour de Mesa. In fact, it’s our 28th one and we’re excited about it for a number of reasons. It looks like we’ll have a little more than 1,500 riders for the event. It’s a number we’re accustomed to through the years and one we’re comfortable with as we get to know the Valley of the Sun every year.



10 Perimeter Accomplishments
Perimeter Bicycling members spend plenty of time on the bike reaching goals and dreams. Many ride their favorite perimeter courses or find new ones. We like to say they are accomplished.

14 Holualoa Companies El Tour de Mesa
After quick debate it was very apparent who our dedication recipient for El Tour de Mesa would be: Wayne Churchman, who has been with Perimeter Bicycling for more than a decade. He’s been the ride’s director for nearly 10 years. He’s more than worthy for the award. Congrats!

15 Doctor’s Orders: Ride for the Health of it
When you ride a bike you’ll find every profession riding alongside. That’s definitely true if you ride in El Tour de Mesa on April 7. We profile three doctors who you might see on the route in Mesa. One who will definitely be there is Dan McGehee, who has ridden in the event a number of times. They do it to promote their health and the health of others.

16 She Ran with Llamas
Writer and runner Tracey Metcalfe Rowley spent a weekend in Colorado with her daughter, Paige, and had a great time running with Llamas. Yes, Llamas. She picked a good one in Sunrise, a champion runner too.

18 ASARCO – A big part of El Tour
One of our great sponsors is ASARCO, who have been with us for five years. Not only do they help support us with financial support but it also brings about 15 riders to the event. “ASARCO has always been part of our community … it’s extremely important,” said rider Jesus Chavez.

20 For Erin McGinnis, Age is but a number
Erin McGinnis is a 71-year-old woman who loves to compete, although she started late in life when athletics is involved. She learned how to ride a bike, swim and run, even though she suffers from a paralyzed leg. She’s racking up awards with her determination.

20 Cyclist, Ironman Stallworth Keeps Busy Staying in Shape
Brett Stallworth loves being on a bike and now he has his two daughters on their own too. They also have followed him in becoming strong Ironman competitors. As for Stallworth, he rides thousands of miles a year but has turned his sights on becoming a strong Ironman competitor.

21 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
For nearly 20 years, Todd Sadow has put on 24 Hours and it continues to be a great success with nearly 2,000 participants. Mountain bikers come from all over the world to enjoy the southern Arizona weather and the adventure that 24 Hours shows. It’s a crazy weekend that everyone loves.

23 Perimeter World Records
Perimeter Bicycling World Records are declared for those cyclists who bicycle the perimeter of any defined geographical boundary of 50 miles or more such as: towns, cities, lakes, counties, states or countries. All Perimeter Bicycling Records are verified and declared by Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc.

Tail Winds 2018 Winter 

This issue contains more than 60 pages – our biggest issue of the year – of results for the main rides/distances as well as Indoor El Tour. Enjoy!




Page 9 Dining with Bears
Writer/photographer D.R. Williams went on a trip to Alaska recently and found himself face to face (sort of) with bears. As he put it, “I’ll never forget the time I dined with bears; it’s an experience that changed me as a person and altered my life’s direction.” Obviously, it was a trip of a lifetime.

Page 12 TUGO – A Bike Share Program
If you’re looking for some good, inexperience transportation in the downtown and University of Arizona areas, look no further than TUGO, a bike-share program that gives you access to some comfortable bikes. Heck, they are even good enough to ride in El Tour.

Page 13 Dan Runs
Writer/runner Dan Heston knows what it’s like to push his body to the limits. He did that to kick off the 35th El Tour by running the entire 106-mile course to raise money for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. He raised $21,000 for the cause. No word if he’ll be back to do it next year.

Page 15 Avondale Paracyclist Aims High
Writer Michael Murphy profiled paracyclist David Berling to get a sense of what Berling goes through to be one of the best at what he does. It’s all about the competition and “getting stronger … that’s my continuous goal. Getting stronger equates to getting faster,” Berling said. He does that every time he gets on a handcycle.

Page 16 El Tour
Tucson’s Rob Alvarez had a dream of finishing first in El Tour. It came to fruition in El Tour No. 35. He was over the moon with his finish: “I’ve known about this race since I was 10 years old,” he said. And Betsabee Salomon hasn’t had much experience on a bike, but that proved to be no problem. She was the first-place finisher on the women’s side.

Page 25 Tucson –
Where The Cyclists Come To Ride
Writer/cycling advocate Damion Alexander writes about the possibility of Tucson getting a bike park, which would include a Velodrome. Where would Tucson put it? Arizona officials will find a spot. He says community developers will make it happen and still honor the land. We will see.

Page 25 Tucson –
Where The Cyclists Come To Ride
Writer/cycling advocate Damion Alexander writes about the possibility of Tucson getting a bike park, which would include a Velodrome. Where would Tucson put it? Arizona officials will find a spot. He says community developers will make it happen and still honor the land. We will see.

Fall 2017 
  • Michael Coles, An Original El Tour Cyclist Cyclist Michael Coles looks back on a time when the riders were few but the fun was plenty when it comes to El Tour. 
  •  Fighting Diabetes, One Mile at a Time
    Writer James Stout takes a look at the Pasqui Yaqui Tribe (PYT) and its work to beating diabetes.

And El Tour Special Pullout

Summer 2017 


Swoosh Rappoport Inching Up The Perimeter Ladder
Perimeter member Dan Rappoport loves all things El Tour and is all about Perimeter Bicycling. Through the years he’s moved up on the most miles list. He’s cycled 24 different perimeters which ranks him 42nd on the all-time mileage list. READ HERE
Page 12

Swoosh The Weight is Over
Michele Ziegler went from this businesswoman mom to an athletic dynamo after just wanting to lose weight. She’s now one of the better participants in Spartan Races. She proves if there is a will there is a way. READ HERE
Page 10

And, From The Insert
John Howard: A Man of Many Accomplishments 
John Howard is this years Cochise County Cycling Classic, presented by Canyon Vista Medical Center,  Dedication Recipient. READ HERE


Perimeter Events Pullout

Spring 2017


Swoosh Cycling: It Gives You Time To Reminisce With Friends
Writer Alan Fischer took a look back at some of his friends and their accomplishments. Cycling, because of its mind-clearing abilities, gives riders a canvas to think about anything and everything.
Page 14

Swoosh Catalina Park Hike
Writers Katie Mabry and Steve Rivera look back at their individual hikes at Catalina Park and give their perspectives on some of southern Arizona’s best hiking trails.
Page 18



Jan/Feb 2017


Swoosh The Family that Rides Together, Stays Together
The Rohers are a cycling family and for the 28-mile ride they were given the Family Award. “That’s quite an honor,” mom, Jodie said.
Page 13

Swoosh El Tour People in Their Own Words
El Tour riders tell their own amazing stories. El Tour means so much to so many people. And every one of the thousands of riders has a story to tell. In the centerpiece of Tail Winds a number or riders tell their stories.
Page 14



presented by Casino Del Sol
The Tucson Conquistadores 11th Indoor El Tour presented by Arizona Health