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Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Happy Monday!

DSC02691Spent  some time working the network. Should be a bit better.

Everyone will need to use the password to log in to their computer at boot up. Please not change it unless you let me know. If  you use it with a blank screen or other screen saver is up to you. If you are using the network to either get or give a file use YOUR username/password to log into the other machine, if asked. (I have no frickin idea why that is that way but…) 

Each computer should have a shortcut to “Registration” on  their desktop. This goes to a shared folder on Barbara’s machine. This is for the communal files. ie: logos press releases etc.

There is also a folder called “scans”. For general, everyday scans please use this folder. Use the copier to scan, send to “Registration” the first button, go over the network from your machine to retrieve your file. I will leave clean up, back of the cryptically named PDFs to you all.

There are two other places to send files from the copier.
-PBAA-Frontdesk, goes to C:\scans on PBAA-FRONTDESK as a back up location and perhaps for Merchandise.
-bikepatrol, because bikepatrol work on multiple scans.

You each have shareable folders, (Click  “Computer” on desktop, go to C;\Users\Public, to find yours. A shortcut can be created.) and everyone elses are accessible by going to the “Network” shortcut  on your desktop, should you want to use them.
Note: XP machines are a little different. Ask for help if you need it.

Dakota, I found some Ram kicking around and dropped it in your machine. Should run a little better. 

That’s all. I’m around if needed.

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