Cover, Tail Winds Summer 2018

Cover, Tail Winds Summer 2018

Welcome to the
2018 SUMMER Edition of Tail Winds

Tail Winds may look the same on paper, but we are now distributing it online. We’ve packaged it differently on our website so it will be easier to find and read. It will be just one click away when readers get it via their computer. You’ll be able to scroll down to get to our table of contents for individual stories. As you peruse the paper, you can return to the TOC to find the story.
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Getting Down And Dirty 
by Dr. Christy Wise

Writer Dr. Christy Wise brings up the subject of adults needing to do what they did when they were younger … act like kids. It’s about having fun and enjoying yourself. It’ll help with happiness and health. You might want to try it.

Raising Hope Through Help For Charities
by Damion Alexander

Local cyclist and advocate Damion Alexander has a plan to raise a few thousand dollars for local charities for the upcoming El Tour. He plans on riding the Tour for as many beneficiaries who want his services. A few have already joined in. See how you can.

UA Cycling Team Excels
by Steve Rivera

Since 2014, the team has focused on rebuilding and over the last couple of years it’s done very well. The team achieved their goals of being No. 1 after wins at cyclocross nationals, 6th at BMX (first in clubs), and third overall at road nationals.

Third Pima County
El Tour Loop the Loop
Come join the Perimeter staff and many others as we kick off the El Tour season. It’s September 15 and begins on various sites of the Loop and ends at an after party beginning at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Ramada (777 W. Cushing Street & I-10).

The Loop Motivated Me to Get a New Bike
by Felix Gafner

Writer/cyclist Felix Gafner has liked The Loop so much he bought a bike and now spends his time on The Loop. It’s like he’s been awakened by the scenic route of more than 128-miles. He encourages everyone to ride it.

El Tour De Mesa Was A Great Day
by Steve Rivera

There was plenty of excitement in the 100K and 50K rides in Mesa. The 50K ride for the men was as close as you can get, but Conor Johnson prevailed. In the 50K, Tucson’s McEvoy finished first and 24th overall. Tanner Thornton broke late to take the 100K.

Seeing The World While Wearing Running Shoes 
by Steve Rivera

Writer Tracey Metcalfe Rowley had a business trip to San Antonio and the last thing she wanted to do was miss out on a running workout. So, she was innovated and inspired to see the city on a run. She found a tour – where they run – and take in the site. Cool concept.


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