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Denise Korenek,
El Tour de Mesa
Dedication Recipient
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Spring Issue!  

Welcome to the Spring Issue of Tail Winds, an issue we are proud of because of what’s in it. We feature our new Interim CEO, Doug Holland, who has taken over for founder and president Richard J. DeBernardis. We also feature cover girl Denise Korenek, the world’s fastest human on a bicycle. We’re very proud of her given she was our dedication recipient in the 2016 El Tour de Tucson and is now the dedication recipient for the 2019 Holualoa Companies El Tour  de Mesa. Once again, we have a variety of stories – as always – involving the outdoors, and of course, cycling. Dig in and enjoy! 


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Doug Holland,
Perimeter’s New Interim CEO
Meet Doug Holland, Perimeter Bicycling’s new Interim CEO and the man who has been directed to help El Tour de Tucson move forward in an orderly fashion.
“I just want to help cycling in the community and help Richard,” said Holland, who has taken on the task to replace Richard DeBernardis, who is now the CEO Emeritus. DeBernardis founded El Tour de Tucson in 1983. El Tour will be in its 37th year in 2019.

El Tour De Mesa’s Dedication Recipient 
Denise Korenek seems to be on top of the cycling world. And she is, having become the fastest human on a bicycle. Korenek did what seemed impossible: becoming the world’s fastest person on a bicycle, going 183.9 miles per hour. Because of that and her many accomplishments, Korenek is being honored as this year’s Holualoa Companies El Tour de Mesa Dedication Recipient.

For the Love of a Bike
Monika Damron grew up in Tucson, Arizona. She remembers being taken on a few long bike rides out towards Gates Pass and Sabino Canyon and pretty much suffering the whole time. But now she’s a lover of bicycles and rides throughout Tucson after moving from bike-friendly Portland. Read about her experiences.

You Gotta Have Heart – Conger Does
It takes a whole lot of heart to play any sport and to commit to it with passion. But what happens when your heart is actually broken? David Conger, a junior at the University of Arizona and a member of the UA club triathlon team, hopes to keep up with training long after he graduates. “I think what’s different about me compared to other triathletes is for sure my mindset,” Conger said.

Asarco Means A Lot To El Tour
Asarco sponsors a cycling team for the 2018 El Tour de Tucson, the largest perimeter bicycle event in the United States. More than 6,500 participants ride the distance of 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles.
Asarco had 28 cyclist participated in the event from Mission, Ray, Hayden, Corporate, CBY and Buena Vista Del Copra (Mexico).

From Canada with Love
A group of 10 men from Canada came to Tucson to enjoy the world of cycling. And, well, they had the greatest of times. So much so they will be coming back more and more.
Some had been here before talking up southern Arizona and its great qualities of the sport.


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