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For the past 26 years – almost to the day – we’ve brought you Tail Winds in the form of what it is today: a free-wheeling look at all things athletic as it pertains to events, fun and adventure involving runners, cyclists, swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve included writers who attempt to inspire you to become stronger mentally and physically.

We also continue to evolve like everyone else. We will attempt to do so here on our website via the Internet where you can find our stories easier to read and easily available. And, to help you, we have made our latest issue searchable. That will continue in the future. We know how important that is to our readers.

We will now be printing 15,000 copies of Tail Winds, but will be distributing our link to the publication to more than 50,000 potential readers through a number of different avenues such as beneficiaries, sponsors and our database of more than 20,000  riders.

We here are committed to keeping the  Tail Winds interesting with stories you like to read. We hope to inspire you to get you outdoors – even if it’s not on a bike we’d like for you to make it happen to help keep your mind and body healthy.

Happy reading.

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2018 SPRING Edition of Tail Winds, 

INSIDE:Tail Winds may look the same on paper, but we are looking at a new way of distributing it online. We’ve packaged it differently on our website so it will be easier to find and to get through. Now, it will be just one click away when readers get it via their computer. You’ll be able to scroll down to get to our table of contents easily and you’ll also be able to search for names in our newer version of the website. We know that’s been an issue in the past. We’re making it easier now. We hope you enjoy the easier to read and get-to website. It’s important to us you read a publication you are proud of.

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10 Perimeter Accomplishments
Perimeter Bicycling members spend plenty of time on the bike reaching goals and dreams. Many ride their favorite perimeter courses or find new ones. We like to say they are accomplished.

14 Holualoa Companies El Tour de Mesa
After quick debate it was very apparent who our dedication recipient for El Tour de Mesa would be: Wayne Churchman, who has been with Perimeter Bicycling for more than a decade. He’s been the ride’s director for nearly 10 years. He’s more than worthy for the award. Congrats!

15 Doctor’s Orders: Ride for the Health of it
When you ride a bike you’ll find every profession riding alongside. That’s definitely true if you ride in El Tour de Mesa on April 7. We profile three doctors who you might see on the route in Mesa. One who will definitely be there is Dan McGehee, who has ridden in the event a number of times. They do it to promote their health and the health of others.

16 She Ran with Llamas
Writer and runner Tracey Metcalfe Rowley spent a weekend in Colorado with her daughter, Paige, and had a great time running with Llamas. Yes, Llamas. She picked a good one in Sunrise, a champion runner too.

18 ASARCO – A big part of El Tour
One of our great sponsors is ASARCO, who have been with us for five years. Not only do they help support us with financial support but it also brings about 15 riders to the event. “ASARCO has always been part of our community … it’s extremely important,” said rider Jesus Chavez.

20 For Erin McGinnis, Age is but a number
Erin McGinnis is a 71-year-old woman who loves to compete, although she started late in life when athletics is involved. She learned how to ride a bike, swim and run, even though she suffers from a paralyzed leg. She’s racking up awards with her determination.

20 Cyclist, Ironman Stallworth Keeps Busy Staying in Shape
Brett Stallworth loves being on a bike and now he has his two daughters on their own too. They also have followed him in becoming strong Ironman competitors. As for Stallworth, he rides thousands of miles a year but has turned his sights on becoming a strong Ironman competitor.

21 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
For nearly 20 years, Todd Sadow has put on 24 Hours and it continues to be a great success with nearly 2,000 participants. Mountain bikers come from all over the world to enjoy the southern Arizona weather and the adventure that 24 Hours shows. It’s a crazy weekend that everyone loves.

23 Perimeter World Records
Perimeter Bicycling World Records are declared for those cyclists who bicycle the perimeter of any defined geographical boundary of 50 miles or more such as: towns, cities, lakes, counties, states or countries. All Perimeter Bicycling Records are verified and declared by Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc.



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