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Town of
Oro Valley



Key to special codes:
f female, j age 12 or under, + age 50+,* age 60+, ! age 70+, m mountain bike
Dr Charles Gannon
Dedication Award Recipient
Greg Hockensmith
Picor Commercial Real Estate
Man of the Year Award Recipient
Roberto Gaggioli
Picor Commercial Real Estate
Woman of the Year Award Recipient
Nicole Habay
Race Across America
El Tour Ultra Cyclist of the Year
Steve Born
Diamond Ventures
Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient
Tom Hynes
Outstanding Support Station Award Recipient
Girl Scout Council

Charter Funding 109-Mile Event Award Recipients
109-Mile 1st Place Male Phil Zajicek
109-Mile 2nd Place Male Jame Carney
109-Mile 3rd Place Male Chris Horner
109-Mile 1st Place Female Jane Meneeley
109-Mile 2nd Place Female Hiroko Shimana
109-Mile 3rd Place Female Ivana Bisaro
BRAD FUND Safety Awareness 81-Mile Event Award Recipients
81-Mile 1st Place Male Dwight Nelson
81-Mile 2nd Place Male Eric McWicker
81-Mile 3rd Place Male Pericles Wyatt
81-Mile 1st Place Female Lisa Ford
81-Mile 2nd Place Female Nicole Clark
81-Mile 3rd Place Female Linda Riordan
Intuit 66-Mile Event Award Recipients
66-Mile 1st Place Male F S Griego
66-Mile 2nd Place Male Eric Tyburec
66-Mile 3rd Place Male James Murray
66-Mile 1st Place Female Deborah Dennis
66-Mile 2nd Place Female Kristen Hetzel
66-Mile 3rd Place Female Connie Yazzie
Town of Oro Valley 35-Mile Event Award Recipients
35-Mile 1st Place Male Peter Fry
35-Mile 2nd Place Male Michael Wampler
35-Mile 3rd Place Male Greg Starr
35-Mile 1st Place Female Susan Bacal
35-Mile 2nd Place Female Dawn Kelly
35-Mile 3rd Place Female Lynn Greenawalt
Epic Rides Inc 109-Mile Mountain Bike Award Recipients
1st Place Mountain Bike Male Edward Bernal
2nd Place Mountain Bike Male Lawrence Spiers
3rd Place Mountain Bike Male David Loehrs
1st Place Mountain Bike Female Kim Poynton
2nd Place Mountain Bike Female Laureen Hopkins
3rd Place Mountain Bike Female Jean McHale
Aufmuth Motors 109-Mile Recumbent Award Recipient
1st Place 109-Mile Event Recumbent Male Barclay Brown
1st Place 109-Mile Event Recumbent Female Elizabeth Deeths
Great Harvest Bread Handcycle Award Recipients
1st Place 109-Mile Event Male Handcyclist Jeff Pschaida
1st Place 109-Mile Event Female Handcyclist Marion Boniface
1st Place 35-Mile Event Male Handcyclist Jack Speer
1st Place 35-Mile Event Female Handcyclist Billie Shafer
Arizona Mail Order El Tour Junior Award Recipients
109-Mile El Tour Junior Male Chase Womack
81-Mile El Tour Junior Male Thomas Jondall
81-Mile El Tour Junior Female Linda Cooper
66-Mile El Tour Junior Male Sidney Stuffle
66-Mile El Tour Junior Female Stephanie Sanders
35-Mile El Tour Junior Male Austin Miller
35-Mile El Tour Junior Female Kayla Beckwar
Volk Co Tandem Award Recipients (109-Mile Event)
109-Mile Event 1st Place Male Tandem Scott Blanchard & John Simonson
109-Mile Event 2nd Place Male Tandem Todd Gogulski & Charlie Drysdale
109-Mile Event 3rd Place Male Tandem Tyler & Garrett Ford
109-Mile Event 1st Place Female Tandem Shana Byers & Patti Geiger
109-Mile Event 2nd Place Female Tandem Marlene Dekker & Linda Velazquez
109-Mile Event 3rd Place Female Tandem Lorry & Sandra Levine
109-Mile Event 1st Place Mixed Tandem John & Jo Roberts
109-Mile Event 2nd Place Mixed Tandem John & Jean Walsh
109-Mile Event 3rd Place Mixed Tandem Armin Rahn & Suzanne Sonye

Holualoa Arizona Inc Highest Money Raiser Gregory Vasco
Holualoa Arizona Inc 2nd Highest Money Raiser Victor Menayan
Holualoa Arizona Inc 3rd Highest Money Raiser Russell Clanagan
Holualoa Arizona Inc 4th Highest Money Raiser Michael Hagerty
Holualoa Arizona Inc 5th Highest Money Raiser Richard Gitz
Holualoa Arizona Inc 6th Highest Money Raiser Eric Case
Holualoa Arizona Inc 7th Highest Money Raiser Dennis Kruse
Holualoa Arizona Inc 8th Highest Money Raiser Paul Butler
Holualoa Arizona Inc 9th Highest Money Raiser Wayne Rasmussen
Holualoa Arizona Inc 10th Highest Money Raiser Michael Tarantino
Pizza Hut Kids Fun Ride Highest Money Raiser Chey & Sophie Meyer

Perimeter Bicycling Bike Patrol Award John Heller
City of Tucson El Tour Grande Award Pet Smith
Madden Publishing Jim Elliott Inspiration Award Chris Columb
Police Officer of the Year Nicole Feldt
Metro Restaurants Most Distinguished Male Lee Gustafson
Metro Restaurants Most Distinguished Female Louise Girard
TMC Kids Fun Ride Most Decorated Bike Award Luke Maxwell
BrakeMax 1st Place Couple Award Trish & Don Kimper
Volk Company 1st Place Single Generation Award Christina & Paul Carbone

Man of the Year Picor Commercial Real Estate
Woman of the Year Picor Commercial Real Estate
Outstanding Support Station Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc
El Tour Jr Awards Arizona Mail Order
109-Mile Event Awards Charter Funding
81-Mile Event Awards BRAD FUND Safety Awareness
66-Mile Event Awards Intuit
35-Mile Event Awards Town of Oro Valley
Most Distinguished Male Award Metro Restaurants
Most Distinguished Female Award Metro Restaurants
Bike Patrol Award Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc
1st Highest Money Raiser Holualoa Arizona, Inc
2nd Highest Money Raiser Holualoa Arizona, Inc
3rd Highest Money Raiser Holualoa Arizona, Inc
Michael Mossman Safety Award GABA, Inc
109-Mile Couple Award BrakeMax
109-Mile Single Generation Award Volk Company
109-Mile Tandem Awards Volk Company
109-Mile Recumbent Awards Aufmuth Motors
The Family Award BrakeMax
El Tour Grande Award City of Tucson
109-Mile 1st Place Male Mountain Bike Award Epic Rides, Inc
109-Mile1st Place Female Mountain Bike Award Epic Rides, Inc
1st Place Team Award Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc
Most Decorated Kids Bike Award Tucson Medical Center
Ultracyclist of the Year Race Across America
Kids Riding For Those Who Can't Award AAA Landscape
Jim Elliott Inspiration Award Madden Publishing
Kids Fun Ride Highest Money Raiser Award Pizza Hut

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