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Cochise County Cycling ClassicResults

1st Place 252_Mile Male Daniel McGehee
2nd Place 252_Mile Male Robert Marez Jr
3rd Place 252_Mile Male Paul Solon
1st Place 252_Mile Female Kathleen Rogers
2nd Place 252_Mile Female Barbara Vize
3rd Place 252_Mile Female Shelle Jackson
1st Place 157_Mile Male David Beirne
2nd Place157_Mile Male Ken Luthy
3rd Place 157_Mile Male Ted Belanger
1st Place 157_Mile Female Alicia Heiserer_Feurer
2nd Place157_Mile Female Mary Jo Erickson
3rd Place 157_Mile Female Marie Handrahan
1st Place 92_Mile Male Justin Peschka
2nd Place 92_Mile Male Dwight Nelson
3rd Place 92_Mile Male Peter Fry
1st Place 92_Mile Female Sharon Raley
2nd Place 92_Mile Female Jannie Fernandez
3rd Place 92_Mile Female Juanita Hotchkiss
1st Place 45_Mile Male Bob Gray
2nd Place 45_Mile Male John Lewis
3rd Place 45_Mile Male Stuart Bavier
1st Place 45_Mile Female Sara Fox
2nd Place 45_Mile Female Chris Austin
3rd Place 45_Mile Female Cindy Williams
Under 14 None
1st Place 252_Mile  
Mountain Bike Pam Burwell
1st Place 252_Mile  
Mixed Tandem Barb Spoerry & Kenneth Stamm
4C's Cyclist of the Ride Ray Lilly
City of Douglas Award Pam Burwell
Most Outstanding Support Crew David Beirne
4C's Chiricahua  
Treasure Chest Winner Mark Ramirez
Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Jason Francois
Teams White Mountain Road Club
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