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Swoosh Michael Coles, An Original El Tour Cyclist
Cyclist Michael Coles looks back on a time when the riders were few but the fun was plenty when it comes to El Tour. He was one of the original 190 riders in the first El Tour. He returned to participate in about 10 more through the years despite his busy schedule of being the CEO of numerous companies including the Great American Cookie Company.
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Swoosh Fighting Diabetes, One Mile at a Time
Writer James Stout takes a look at the Pasqui Yaqui Tribe (PYT) and its work to beating diabetes. One of the big ways is through cycling as more than 100 cyclists will be participating in El Tour. It was a program that started with just 30 riders just three years ago and has now gained some serious momentum on the reservation. Cyclists use El Tour for better health. Indoor El Tour is also a big reason for improved health.
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Swoosh Rappoport Inching Up The Perimeter Ladder
Perimeter member Dan Rappoport loves all things El Tour and is all about Perimeter Bicycling. Through the years he’s moved up on the most miles list. He’s cycled 24 different perimeters which ranks him 42nd on the all-time mileage list. READ HERE
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Swoosh The Weight is Over
Michele Ziegler went from this businesswoman mom to an athletic dynamo after just wanting to lose weight. She’s now one of the better participants in Spartan Races. She proves if there is a will there is a way. READ HERE
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And, From The Insert
John Howard: A Man of Many Accomplishments 
John Howard is this years Cochise County Cycling Classic, presented by Canyon Vista Medical Center,  Dedication Recipient. READ HERE


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Swoosh Cycling: It Gives You Time To Reminisce With Friends
Writer Alan Fischer took a look back at some of his friends and their accomplishments. Cycling, because of its mind-clearing abilities, gives riders a canvas to think about anything and everything.
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Swoosh Catalina Park Hike
Writers Katie Mabry and Steve Rivera look back at their individual hikes at Catalina Park and give their perspectives on some of southern Arizona’s best hiking trails.
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Swoosh The Family that Rides Together, Stays Together
The Rohers are a cycling family and for the 28-mile ride they were given the Family Award. “That’s quite an honor,” mom, Jodie said.
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Swoosh El Tour People in Their Own Words
El Tour riders tell their own amazing stories. El Tour means so much to so many people. And every one of the thousands of riders has a story to tell. In the centerpiece of Tail Winds a number or riders tell their stories.
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presented by Casino Del Sol
The Tucson Conquistadores 11th Indoor El Tour presented by Arizona Health


Nov/Dec 2016



tw-novdec-200pxSwoosh No Obstacle Is Too Big For Cyclist Oden
Writer Javier Morales took a look at the life of Alex Oden. He’s an eight-time cancer survivor. He was recently named the Dedication Recipient of the annual Cochise Classic in Douglas.
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Swoosh El Tour: A Touchstone For A Long-time Cyclists Life
Joe Miller has ridden in 25 El Tours – and he’s loved everyone. “El Tour has become a touchstone in my life,“ said Miller. He’ll be back for the for the Tucson Medical Center 34th El Tour de Tucson presented by Casino Del Sol.
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SepOctCover200Swoosh Brian Grasky – A Man on Many Worlds

Grasky is a military man who loves to cycle, run and coach. He does it all for his company Tucson Endurance Performance Center. He will be part of El Tour’s US Armed Services Program where we expect to have a few hundred military types participating in the program.
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Swoosh Pokemon Go
It’s all the rage all over the world. Tucson is no different when it comes to Pokemon Go. Writer Damion Alexander has noticed a good trend – people are outdoors and enjoying the scenery. That’s something he hadn’t seen much in the summer. Maybe, just maybe more people will enjoy the outdoors because of the game.
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Summer 2016 



Swoosh What a Ride in the Valley
Perimeter Bicycling has been going to the Phoenix area for nearly 30 years to put on a ride. This year it may have outdone itself with what many thought was a great ride on a clear, cool day. The annual Holualoa Companies 26th El Tour de Mesa saw nearly 1,600 riders have a great day on the road. We had participants from all over, including from Canada.
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Swoosh Denise Mueller is a Speed Freak
Cyclist-runner-athlete Denise Mueller is a whirlwind in a 43-year-old woman’s body. Call her crazy. Call her hyper. Call her an exceptional athlete. Denise Mueller is all that and, of course, more. Come September – weather and conditions permitting – Mueller will attempt to break the paced bicycle land speed record of more than 167 miles per hour. At least she’ll become the first woman to attempt the feat as she attempts “to be the fastest.”
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