El Tour Perimeter Store

We have LOTS of inventory of jerseys, t-shirts, socks, shorts, etc. in a variety of sizes from 2013 and previous years….  of course we have to check stock for your size.

For 2013 items, here’s the price list:
$79     Jersey
$83     Shorts
$140   Full kit (jersey + shorts)
$99     Wind Jacket
$95     Wind Vest
$35     Gloves
$28     Arm warmers
$10     Socks
$18     Commemorative t-shirt, short sleeve, black or gray
$20     Commemorative t-shirt, long sleeve, black or gray
$10     Event t-shirt (white)
$68     Poster mounted (wooden backing “lamtec” by ProTech)
$15      Poster – not mounted, 18 x 24

Ask us about previous year’s stock:

If we are out of your size for the jersey/kit
you can still order directly by contacting, PACTIMO at:
Click on: Sign in/Team Store
Click on: Team Store Sign in
Password: eltour  (lower case).

We have PLENTY of stock for event posters for almost every year.

Give us a call!


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