Platinum Designation

At the start line for all Perimeter Bicycling cycling events (except Cochise County Cycling Classic), there is a special area cordoned off in front called the “Platinum” section. Individual cyclists in this area have earned “Platinum” designation by meeting the criteria and requirements listed below.


If you rode (swam) in El Tour de Tucson 2013 congratulations.

At the start of the 107-mile event it dawned on me that no one has control of the weather so it would be very fair due to the rain to extend the expiration date of any cyclist whose designation expires at the end of 2103 for one year.  

So for this one/first time those expiration dates will be extended by one year.

Edward “Nippy” Feldhake III
Platinum Director
El Tour de Tucson 2013

Upcoming Patinum Meetings for Upcoming Events

April 4, 2014
For El Tour de Mesa at Expo/Packet Pickup
Two meetings:  Noon and 6:00pm

Passes allowing entry to the Platinum section at the start line are issued only at the Platinum meeting at Expo/packet pick up before the ride. PICTURE ID IS REQUIRED. Qualified platinum cyclists must attend the entire meeting to receive the platinum pass. See below in section 5 Platinum Meeting for date and time and place.

Platinum Passes expire 30 minutes before the event start!

You will find the following information below:

(1) What is “Platinum” Designation?

“Platinum Riders lead the way”

Cruising along at speeds up to 25 miles per hour at the front of El Tour de Tucson and other Perimeter Bicycling events is a tightly-packed group of cyclists now known as “Platinum Cyclists.” They are a group of professional racers, highly ranked USACycling amateurs, and the fastest and most skilled of Perimeter Bicycling event participants who have earned the designation.

With the safety of all cyclists a priority, Platinum designation was officially created for Perimeter Bicycling events in 1998. This designation allows pace-line-experienced, super-fast cyclists to start at the front of the over 5,000 cyclists who ride in the 100-mile plus El Tour de Tucson and the longest distances in other Perimeter Bicycling events. Starting these cyclists in front has proven to prevent problems that occurred when these experienced and faster riders would overtake slower riders who do not have the same speed, training and experience as those who have earned platinum.

Platinum cyclists must meet certain criteria, follow special rules during the event and MUST attend a Platinum Meeting  for each event to pick up a Platinum Pass which is required for entry into the Platinum Starting Area on ride day.

Questions? Email: Platinum

(2)   Platinum Qualifying Criteria

The primary qualifications for Platinum Designation are individual overall finish time, distance and experience.

Please do not e-mail the CEO/President/Founder of Perimeter Bicycling asking for a Platinum Pass.  He will not give you one.  Follow the qualifications below.

  • The Tour de Scottsdale is not a qualifying event for a Platinum Pass.

Once earned, Platinum designation expires after 3 years.

To qualify, cyclists must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Current year Cat #1 or Cat #2 ROAD only (no Mountain, Track or Cyclo-Cross) licensed USA Cycling cyclist.  You must request platinum designation and send a copy of your current year license to Platinum.
  • Finished any one of the Perimeter Bicycling events listed below under the specified time within 3 years of the event in which you wish to be designated as “platinum.”
  • For a tandem to line up in the platinum section, BOTH riders must have earned platinum designation either on a tandem or individually.
  • Starting in November 2012, in order for a tandem cyclist to qualify as an Individual both cyclists must have finished before the Platinum cut off time. If the tandem is a mixed tandem, the male must finish under the male Platinum cutoff time in order for the female to qualify as an Individual cyclist.
  • If you feel you may qualify for platinum but do not meet the above criteria, send a “cycling resume” to  Platinum.  Information required: your recent event results including your place, the event name, the event’s website (links to results).  The event/results will not be considered if the event/results are not compatible with the Perimeter Bicycling event you are requesting Platinum for.     


Platinum Times
Perimeter Event Men Women
  Time under (hrs) Time under (hrs)
El Tour de Mesa    
70-mile event: 2013 3:00 3:15
Cochise  County Cycling Classic    
165-mile event: 2013 8:00 8:30
97-mile event: 2013 4:10 4:30
El Tour de Tucson    
107-mile event 2013 5:00 5:30
(3)   VIP Designation.

VIP cyclists line up in front of the Platinum Riders. Earned VIP designation expires 3 years after it is earned.  VIP riders must attend a mandatory Platinum meeting. In order for a person to receive VIP designation, he/she must satisfy the criteria listed below. Perimeter Bicycling will not automatically assign VIP designation. For tandems, BOTH riders must have obtained VIP designation to be issued VIP passes. VIP designation must be applied for and granted prior to the Platinum Meeting during which the Platinum Passes and VIP Passes are issued. The following is a guide for requesting VIP designation.

A. Must satisfy Platinum Qualifying Criteria (See above.).

B. Must have satisfied at least one of the following criteria within the past 3 years:

  • An overall 1st through 10th place 107/111-mile El Tour de Tucson individual male finisher.
  • Captain and stoker of a 1st place through 3rd place overall 107/111-mile El Tour de Tucson tandem.
  • A 1st through 10th place 107/111-mile El Tour individual female cyclist whose time is under 4:45.
  • Any cyclist who rode in the Tour de France within the last four years.
  • 1st place overall individual male OR 1st place overall individual female finisher in the full distance El Tour de Phoenix/Mesa, the full distance Tour of the Tucson Mountains or the full distances (165 & 97 mile) Cochise County Cycling Classic.
  • Approval by Perimeter Bicycling Rules & Information Committee.
  • Write Platinum to request review. Submit copies of licenses and/or resume.
(4)   Qualified Platinum and VIP Cyclists List.

At the mandatory Platinum meetings, cyclists PICTURE ID will be checked against

the Platinum list posted below.  Be sure your name is listed.  Updates to the list are posted a few weeks before each Perimeter Bicycling event.

Please contact Platinum, or (520) 745-2033 with questions or corrections.


The VIP list will not be posted as of January 2014.

(5)   Platinum Meetings

For each event attendance at one meeting is mandatory.

Doors close for each meeting at the designated time.  BE ON TIME.

For address of Expo/Packet Pick Up,
please visit each event’s site at

El Tour de Mesa

Two meetings are held at Expo/packet pick up before the event:

Friday, April 4, 2014;  12:00pm (Noon)
Friday, April 4, 2014;  6:00pm

Cochise County Cycling Classic

There is no mandatory meeting for Cochise Classic.
However, it is highly recommended that all cyclists attend the Pre-Ride meeting at Expo/Packet Pick-Up the day before the event.

El Tour de Tucson

In 2014, Expo changes to two days, Thursday and Friday.  A meeting will be held on Thursday, check back here for time as we get closer to the event.  Check El Tour’s site for details about location.   Attendance at one of the meetings is mandatory:

Thursday        November 20, 2014     TBA
Friday              November 21, 2014      12:00pm (Noon)
Friday              November 21, 2014      6:00pm


A complete set of event regulations other wise commonly known has the “event bible” will be issued at each event’s Expo/packet pickup.

These event regulations are for event participants that are trying to obtain platinum designation and for those event participants who have earned the platinum designation and are trying to continue it.

(6.1): TIME

6.1:  The finishing time listed on this page is the official finishing time under which an event participant must complete the entire distance of that event listed in the table in order to earn the platinum level and receive a platinum pass at future Perimeter Bicycling events.

6.2: Because Platinum qualifying times may be listed in other places,  i.e. rules booklet, Event Manual, map, flyers, Tail Winds, Perimeter Journal or handouts and there could be a typographic error or misprint, inaccuracy or mistake, this web page lists the definitive, and final Official Time for platinum designation.  All other Platinum times will be unofficial if different from this web page.

6.3:  All participants MUST finish under the Official Posted Time on this web page to earn the Platinum designation.  The time recorded by the Official Timer for the event will be  used to determine official finish time.  Posted UNOFFICIAL TIMES are just that –  UNOFFICIAL and WILL NOT be used to designate a participant as a Platinum rider.  Personal device times such as Garmin, polar, sigma, Powertap, Avocet, Cateye, GPS devices will not be accepted.

6.4:  Official start time is the “gun” time.  This time can be a verbal “go” by either the President of Perimeter Bicycling or his designated person.  The time an individual event participant starts or crosses the “start line” or their personal device time will always be UNOFFICIAL and will not be considered under any circumstance.

6.5:  The final determination of the platinum designation is NOT the type of medallion you receive or the mark made on the rider number, it is the finishing time recorded by the event’s Official Timer. 


7.1:  Any item on the official route that Perimeter Bicycle has no control over WILL NOT cause an exception to extend the Official Platinum time for all or any event participant.

7.2:  Items that WILL NOT be considered for extending the Official Platinum time include and are not limited to:

7.3:  Being stopped or held up for an Emergency Vehicle – Police, Fire or Ambulance;
7.4:  Being stopped by a train at any of the railroad crossings;
7.5:  Being held up or stopped for a any accident, bicycle or vehicle;
7.6:  Getting separated from a group because of a bicycle accident or crash caused by another event participant;
7.7:  Being stopped by an law enforcement officer(s) for violating a traffic law;
7.8:  Flats or mechanical problems to a event participant’s bicycle;
7.9:  Being separated “gapped” from a group by another event participant;
7.10: Being stopped or delayed at a traffic signal – the course is not closed to vehicular traffic, it is the judgment of the law enforcement officer(s) to allow the event participants to travel through intersection without stopping or for safety reasons to stop the individual or group.
7.11:  Weather good or bad.
7.12:  Wind at Cochise County Cycling Classic.

In other words you must finish under the Official time to earn the Platinum designation.


8.1:  For El Tour de Tucson’s main event or the longest mileage the Official Time for Platinum Times will always be 5 hours for men and 5 hours and 30 minutes for women, regardless of distance changes due to construction or detours or extending mileage because the official start/finish line has moved or new roadway is being used.

8.2:  History for El Tour de Tucson: the Official Platinum time was originally set at 5 hours for men.  The distance over the past 14 years has fluctuated from a high of 113 to a low of 104.  Each year the Official Platinum time remained 5 hours for men.  It will continue to be the same!

8.3:  Tour of the Tucson Mountains, El Tour of Mesa and Cochise County Cycling Classic Official Platinum times can and may be adjusted lower or higher depending or the distance and/or route and/or any other extenuating circumstance.  Official time will be posted on this web page with a date of the posting.


9.1:  Passes allowing entry to the Platinum & VIP section at the start line are issued only at the Platinum meeting at Expo/packet pickup before the ride. Hand written notes or e-mail will not be accepted at the start line.  No exceptions.

9:2:  No passes will be issued on ride morning.  No exceptions.

9.3:  Platinum passes EXPIRE 30 MINUTES BEFORE OFFICIAL START TIME. Access will not be given to late arrivals. BE ON TIME!  In the start chute, the gap between platinum and the front of gold is removed and the front of gold moves up – if you are late, you will not be able to enter. 

9.4:  PICTURE ID IS REQUIRED to receive a Platinum or VIP pass. If an event participant qualified with a special case (see special case designation) then additional ID may be required i.e. USA Cycling license.

9.5:  For a tandem to line up in Platinum Section BOTH cyclists must have a platinum pass.

9.6:  For a tandem to line up in VIP Section BOTH cyclists must have a VIP pass.

9.7:  Once earned Platinum & VIP designation expires in 3 years.


10.1:  All cyclists are responsible for being familiar with the Perimeter Bicycling Event Rules in the Event Manual.  All rules are in effect even if they may not be listed on this web page.  Visit the event website to review rules from the last event. 


11.1:  Each cyclist must attend one of the mandatory meetings for him/herself.  No representatives or agents will be accepted.

11.2:  Qualified Platinum & VIP cyclists must attend the entire meeting to receive the platinum or VIP pass.

11.3:  There is NO MEETING on ride morning.

11.4:  Platinum & VIP meetings are the same meeting and held at the same time per the schedule listed above.

11.5:  Doors close for meeting at designated time.  (5 minute grace period)

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