Platinum Designation

What is “Platinum” Designation?
  • professional cyclists
  •  highly ranked USA Cycling amateurs
  •  event participants who have earned the designation
  • “Platinum” is not an award
  • “Platinum” is for safety:  it groups fastest riders together
How to attain “Platinum” 
  • Finish a qualifying Perimeter Bicycling event within specified times (see chart below) within last 3 years
  • Hold a current USA Cycling Professional, Cat 1 or 2 racing license for ROAD (track, cyclocross, mountain does not qualify)
  • Tandems: BOTH riders must have earned platinum designation either on a tandem or individually
  • Tandem cyclist to qualify as an Individual: both cyclists must have finished before the Platinum cut off time. If the tandem is a mixed tandem, the male must finish under the male Platinum cutoff time in order for the female to qualify as an Individual cyclist
Platinum pass required for entry into Platinum Corral at events.  Pass is available at platinum meetings held at the expo for El Tour de Mesa, Viva Bike Vegas, and El Tour de Tucson.  No platinum designation is required for Cochise Classic, however, the 165 and 95 mile distances are qualifying events.
All Platinum Meetings: Noon and 6pm at Expo/Packet pickup
Platinum Times
Perimeter Event Men Women
  Time under (hrs) Time under (hrs)
El Tour de Mesa    
70-mile event: 3:00 3:15
 Viva Bike Vegas    
 101-mile event:  5:30  6:00
Cochise  County Cycling Classic    
165-mile event:
8:00 8:30
95-mile event:
4:10 4:30
El Tour de Tucson    
104-mile event 5:00 5:30
Viva Bike Vegas IS a Platinum qualifying event.  Stated times takes into consideration the requirement to STOP at all STOP SIGNS and all RED LIGHTS.  Cyclists will NOT have the right of way. 
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