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Rules are created to ensure a level playing field level for all participants and also to make the event as safe as possible for event participants and the general public.

Violation of any rule may result in disqualification or time penalties as determined by event officials.

Nevada Bicycle laws will be enforced by local law enforcement for the safety of bicyclist, motorists and the general public.  Please review the Nevada laws and statutes. 

All of Perimeter Bicycling’s event rules will be enforced:

  1. All Entrants must properly enter the start lineup, and may not cut in line, climb over barricades, or in any other way improperly enter the start area properly enter the platinum or gold sections at the Start lineup;
  2. All Entrants must wear approved helmet (CPSC certified);
  3. All Entrants must not cross a solid yellow line, whether double, or single on their side of the road (a no-passing zone);
  4. All Entrants must show and practice good sportsmanship – Un-sportsmanlike conduct of any kind is prohibited;
  5. All Entrants must obey Police, Bike Patrol or other Event Officials;
  6. No Entrant may urinate in public (this is a criminal offense);
  7. No Entrant may ride with, or receive support from, unregistered cyclists (bandits);
  8. No Entrant may draft, hold onto, or catch a ride in any motorized vehicle;
  9. No entrant may utilize a motorized or power-assisted bicycle nor may a bicycle have such devices attached. All bicycles must be powered solely by human force.
  10. All Entrants must cycle the complete official route, as described on the official route map. Entrants may not short cut the official route, and are responsible for knowing and following the official route;
  11. All Entrants must stay behind, and not pass, the lead vehicle;
  12. All Entrants must wear their rider numbers, which must be easily visible
  13. Headsets covering or blocking both ears are prohibited, i.e., iPods/MP3 players and other such devices;
  14. Aero-type and other similar auxiliary handlebars are prohibited (except in the Cochise County Cycling Classic 165 mile event).
  15. All Entrants must start the Event before the last official vehicle (trail vehicle) has left the start line;
  16. Team tactics that endanger, or impede the progress of, any other cyclists, such as blocking, are prohibited;
  17. All Entrants must show courteous behavior to Volunteers, Event Officials, and Police, and obey their instructions;
  18. All Entrants must obey traffic control officers & personnel, and traffic control devices & signs, unless otherwise directed by an Official;
  19. All Entrants must read and know Nevada State bicycle laws, and must yield to emergency vehicles at all times, even if the road is closed;
  20. All Entrants must give the right of way to other road users, including bicycles and motor vehicles, when legally required to;
  21. All Entrants must stay to the right of cones set up at intersections, unless directed otherwise by Police or Event Official(s);
  22. All Entrants must ride the entire event on the bicycle they start onchanging bicycles is prohibited;
  23. All Entrants must bicycle single file, whenever possible;
  24. Support crews/non-Official vehicles may meet and provide support to their entrant(s) only at an official Aid Stations, and may not follow entrants on the course route;
  25. Hand-offs at Aid Stations, or anywhere on the route, are prohibited All Entrants must stop to receive support, and must always pull completely off the road pavement, staying out of the path of bicycle & motor vehicle traffic;
  26. All Entrants must verbally warn others when they overtake them call out “Passing”;
  27. All Entrants who drop out of the event must notify an Event Official, by informing an Aid Station Director, or calling the Event Hotline phone number. Be sure to give your rider number;
  28. Entrants not finishing the course by 4:30pm will be stopped and transported to the Finish Line;
  29. All Entrants must follow these steps at the Finish line: 1)Finish single file; 2) Stay in the same position after you cross the finish line, and 3) Be sure to turn in your timing transponder and/or your number tag!
  30. Rule Enforcement & Procedures:  1) Police, Event Officials, and Bike Patrol will identify any Entrant who violates traffic laws or Event rules for possible disqualification; 2) Those so identified will be reported to the Rules/Results Committee, who will investigate and address each violation on a case-by-case basis, imposing penalties, including disqualification, as indicated; 3) Any Entrant may report rules violations and present supporting evidence at the Information booth/tent at the Finish Line. All such reports must be in writing, and must be turned in within 15 minutes of the posting of the event results, or by 4:30pm the day of the event, whichever is later (may also be E-mailed by the same time to Perimeter Bicycling at:
  31. Viva Bike Vegas is finished a 4:30 pm (PDT) and all course support will be closed. Any entrants still on the route will be required to stop, and will be transported to the finish line by event officials and/or event volunteers.

Viva Bike Vegas will not be cancelled or postponed.   It will go on through rain, sleet, snow, or heat wave ~ So be prepared!






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