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Update: March 18, 2015

Perimeter Bicycling discontinues “Vegas” event

Yes, it’s true.  After many discussions covering many subjects, Perimeter Bicycling will not be producing Viva Bike Vegas/El Tour de Vegas.   More info here.


The information below is for the 2014 event

This page contains information that is important to anyone participating in Viva Bike Vegas. When an update is made, the date is noted.

(1.0) How can I register?     June 23, 2014

(a)  Registration is open through Friday, September 12, 2014.  At initial registration, you can pay in full or pay just the processing fee then pay the balance as late as Packet Pickup.  SAVE by registering early!  Paying the processing fee up front “freezes” your cost and you’ll avoid the fee increases.

(b) If balance is due for registration, all remaining fees and/or contributions must be paid on/before Friday, September 12, 2014 at Expo/Packet Pick Up.  Cash or checks only; no credit cards at Expo.

ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND EXPO/PACKET PICK UP. PHOTO ID REQUIRED. Each cyclist is required to pick up his/her own rider packet.  This helps assure that all cyclists have an opportunity to attend a Safety/Security meeting to learn as much as possible about the event where important handouts and the most current event information is given. Thank you for your cooperation.

(1.1) How do I confirm my registration?

Online registrations are immediately sent an email confirming registration. To ensure receipt, please add onlineregistration to your safe senders list.

Registrations completed by a hardcopy application are mailed a welcome letter via US Mail within two weeks of receipt. If you have not received a welcome letter by this time, please contact Registration.

Check the Registered Cyclists list after you receive your welcome letter. Updated every weekend, this list is posted so you can make sure we have your information entered correctly. Questions? Write Registration or call (520) 745-2033.

(2.0) Where can I get “full” event info 

The Event Manual (Information & Rules booklet) contains complete information about the event and is issued at Expo/Packet Pickup.  Other information in the booklet includes event activities, directions to start lines, Awards and cycling tip. Due to last minute changes, the booklet will not be available until Packet Pickup. In the meantime, please read all updates here and visit our Rules page.

(3.0) Where do I get my packet & timing device?  – MANDATORY ATTENDANCE

All registered cyclists must pick up his/her packet, rider number, timing device, t-shirt and other goodies at theour Bicycle Expo on Friday, September 12, 2014.  Details HERE

No pickup option by friends/family. This helps assure all cyclists attend a Safety/Orientation Meeting and receive all important handouts and most current event information. Thank you for your cooperation.

There is NO packet pick-up on ride day.

Questions? Info

Exhibitors: inquire with Ila Stadie: Development

(3.1) Safety (Orientation) Meetings

Attendance Highly Encouraged !

FREE Safety (Orientation) meetings are held for event cyclists to learn about the route and other important event information. Meetings take place each half hour at Expo/Packet Pickup and present important information about route conditions, updated cautions as well as offer safe cycling tips.

Attendance is highly encouraged for all cyclists regardless of how many times you may have participated in the event.  Route conditions are subject to change each year. Every cyclist is encouraged to attend one of these 20-minute sessions.   They  start at 10:00am and continue every half hour through 8:00pm.

(3.2) What is Platinum Designation 

Visit the Platinum page to learn how to qualify for platinum designation. The meeting for pre-qualified cyclists will be held at Expo/Packet Pickup.  Details on the platinum designation page.

BE ON TIME. Late arrivals to the meeting will not be admitted.
BE ON TIME. Late arrivals to the start line will not be admitted even with a pass. Arrival at start line: no later than 6:00am. No exceptions.

All pre-qualified cyclists MUST attend the meeting. No exceptions. A special pass will be issued after the meeting. These meetings are the ONLY place a “platinum pass” will be issued. There is NO platinum meeting on Ride Day; no pass = no admittance. Platinum information

(4.0) Dedication 

Each year the event is dedicated to a special person who has made significant contributions to the bicycling community. Please visit this link to learn more.

(5.0) Hotel Information 

Official Hotels for Viva Bike Vegas offer special rates to cyclists and families.  Interbike, the industry’s largest trade show will be in town so please make your reservation early before the room blocks fill!

For more information on our hotels please visit our “Hotel Information” page.

(6.0) Medallion Times for All Cyclists

Medallions are given to all finishers of the event at the finish line.  Look for the medallion tent in the Fiesta adjacent to the Finish line.

The medallion you will receive depends on the distance you rode and the time you finished.  Details HERE.

If you started the 101-mile and did not finish but completed at least 62 or 25 miles, you will receive a 62 or 25-mile medallion.  Please go to the medallion booth at the Fiesta.

(7.0) Event Start Times, Locations

Plan to be at your start line a minimum of 45 minutes before start time. You must start your event at the appointed time, at the appointed place. Late starts violate the terms of permits obtained from local municipalities and interfere with traffic control/plans along the route. Please be on time so that you can take advantage of the event support.

101-mile event:
Start Time: 6:30am
Location: Smith Center Discovery Children’s Museum, downtown Las Vegas, NV

62-mile event:
Start Time: 6:30am

25-mile event:
Start Time: 6:30am
Location: TBA

( 8.0) Finish Line

ALL Events finish in downtown Las Vegas at the RTC building 600 S. Grand Central Pkwy.
The Finish line Fiesta will include:

Water & snacks
Finishers Medallions
The Grand Cycling Awards ceremony
Food and Libation

SHUTTLES BACK TO THE 62 & 25 mile starts:
A free shuttle will be available at the finishline to take you back to the 62 or 25 mile start line.  At present, the shuttles can take only bodies, not bikes.  A free secure bike valet will be available at the finish line.   We’ll keep working on a system to take both bike & body.  Check for location at the Info tent at the start line.

(9.0) Route Closure / End of Event

The course closes at 4:30pm per the terms of our permits for the event. Any cyclist still on the course at 4:30pm will be “SAG’d” to the finish line. No exceptions. All course support including traffic control and aid stations will be discontinued at 4:30pm. Aid station closures along the route are based on the distance from the finish line and the time needed to complete the route by 4:30pm from that location. Route closure includes dismissal of volunteers along the entire route and breakdown of Aid Stations.

The route map for aid station locations, including individual closure times.

(10.0) Route: where you will be going  

Please visit the Route Map/Cue Sheets page for full details.

(10.1) Route: Aid Stations; Food & Water          

Aid stations along the route will have water, fruit and snacks.  Some will have port-o-pots.

Nutritional/electrolyte replacements are NOT PROVIDED. In the dry Nevada climate, electrolyte replacement will be necessary. If you have a special dietary and/or nutritional needs, please come prepared. To help reduce cramps and muscle spasms, drink plenty of water and eat bananas along the route. Please come prepared.

What should you bring with you?
One or two spare tubes, tire levers, tire patch kit and other basic bicycle gear. Carry at least one water bottle, a cell phone, change ($$) and wear a CPSC approved bicycle helmet (required).  We recommend you bring electrolyte replacements and food for yourself.

Please bring with you any nutrition you will need to complete the ride and electrolyte replacements.

Earbuds in BOTH ears violate event rules. We strongly discourage use of earbuds.

(10.2) Route: Bike Patrol

Trained members of Perimeter Bicycling’s Bike Patrol team will be bicycling with you helping with minor mechanical problems, minor medical needs and encouragement. If you have a problem flag down a Bike Patrol member- always in bright yellow jerseys or t-shirts.  Bike Patrol cyclists are event officials. They are there to help you and help the event be as safe as possible which includes reporting cyclists who disregard rules for disqualification. Learn more about Bike Patrol.


The route for Viva Bike Vegas is NOT a closed course.  You will be on the road with motorists and you must obey all traffic laws including STOP SIGNS and STOP LIGHTS.  Intersections will NOT be controlled by volunteers or officials.  Help the event be safe and fun for all cyclists keep it respected by motorists.


(12.0) Results

Unofficial results will be posted at the Finish Line approximately every 45 minutes.  At the same time, the results will be posted on our website (baring internet/computer glitches). Tell your friends and family to check your results on their computers or smart phones.

Please review results BEFORE leaving the venue and contact us immediately with any corrections. Results will be published in our Tail Winds newspaper, so be sure to check your results to help in sure they will be in print correctly.

(12.1) Timing Device/Chip. 

CEP Timing is the Official Timer for the tour.  “GUN TIME” is used: start time for everyone in a given distance is the same time. Your finish time is recorded when your chip crosses the finish line.

Handlebar timing device. CEP Timing uses a handlebar mounted device which is disposable.  This device is the same used worldwide in marathons and cycling events. Recently the system was used in the Boston Marathon where a new world record was set and was used at El Tour de Tucson accurately recording over 7500 fast-finish results.  You must mount it properly on your bicycle.

(13.0) The Grand Cycling Awards Ceremony 

The Ceremony will be held in the Fiesta area at the finish line.  Held in segments throughout the event, the first is Noon. All cyclists, volunteers and friends are invited to attend and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and cheer on the recipients.

Awards presented include 1st thru 3rd Place in the 101, 62, & 25-mile events, Outstanding Volunteer, and Highest Money Raisers awards.  See the Awards page for more awards.  Not all awards will be presented on ride day as some must be verified before presentation.

(14.0) Post Event: Comments, Concerns and Issues

We want to hear from you!  After the Tour, if you have any issues, comments or concerns, please let us know at the Finish Line (Information Booth) or write info@  Your comments are important to us as we are always looking to improve the event.

(15.0) Additional Information

(a) Check back periodically for the latest information
(b) Follow us on facebook
(c) Call Event Headquarters: 520-745-2033/ 866-745-2033
(d) E-mail us at: Info

We hope you have a great ride and thank you for your participation and your support of Perimeter Bicycling events!
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