EXPO/ Packet Pickup

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Expo & Packet Pick Up is:
Cyclist Info:

All registered cyclists must pick up his/her packet, rider number, timing device, T-shirt and other goodies at Expo on Friday, September 12, 2014. Photo I.D. required. No pick-up option by friends/family. This helps assure all cyclists have an opportunity to attend Safety & Security Meeting and receive all important handouts and most current event information. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Packet Pickup instructions upon entering Bike Expo:
Plan to attend a Safety & Security Meeting prior or after your pick up.


  1. Pick up a goodie bag.
  2. Preregisterd cyclists go to the table that corresponds to your rider number. Here you will receive your rider number and timing device after you have paid registration in full.
    New cyclists: Complete an application at the nearby table, then go to NEW REGISTRATION table to get your rider number and timing device.
  3. Attend a Safety/Orientation Meeting to learn important event details.
  4. Visit the vendor and exhibitor booths at Expo for information and more goodies from sponsors.
  5. Pick up your event t-shirt.

Stay hydrated and we’ll see you at the start line!


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