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2017 Indoor registration will open in the Fall
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Registration Information


Steps to Register and Getting Registered

Learn about entry fees, where to pedal, how to send in your results and more!
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Step 1: Locate a stationary bicycle or bicycle trainer.
Set it up in your home, office, or go to a location that already has one.  All of our Official Indoor El Tour Centers are available for you to ride your event.

STEP 2: Determine how many minutes you will ride.
Choose one of the six Indoor El Tour Achievement Levels, which are modeled after the main events of El Tour de Tucson. The difference is that you ride for minutes not miles! Consider signing up to participate in one of the events listed on our Indoor El Tour Event Calendar below or register directly with one of Indoor El Tour’s beneficiaries (see next step).

STEP 3:  Support an Indoor El Tour Beneficiary.
Pedal and fund raise for one of Indoor El Tour’s Charitable Beneficiaries.  Please register directly through them, otherwise, please continue  to step 4.  Note:  Deadline to register through a Beneficiary is November 4, 2017.

STEP 4:   Online registration closes on Wednesday, November 15,2017.  

If you need a paper application download a pdf here.

Level 1:  $10
You will receive an email of a special certificate of accomplishment acknowledging your achievement level and  your results will be published on El Tour’s website and in Tails Winds newspaper.
Level 2:  $20
In addition to your certificate and published results, you will receive a medallion indicating your achievement level (US addresses only).

STEP 5: Ride your selected distance during El Tour week.
Indoor is based on the honor system. If you are riding for an award, you must ride Indoor El Tour at a pre-approved centers with an Indoor El Tour Official. Prior to your award attempt call us at 520-745-2033 or send an email to indoor@

STEP 6: Send us your results!  
As soon as possible after you finish your Indoor El Tour, mail or email a completed “Indoor El Tour Completion Form” to our office or use the online completion form.  Results will be posted throughout Indoor El Tour week.  We also encourage you to include a photo of your Indoor El Tour experience for inclusion on our website, Facebook page and Tail Winds publication. The absolute deadline for these forms and any photos is December 1st. Submissions after December 1 will not be included in the results listings.

STEP 7:  Get your rewards!
Certificates of achievement awards, medallions, El Tour Conquistadors,, etc. will be mailed shortly after receipt of your “Indoor El Tour Completion Form”  or may be picked up at the Perimeter Bicycling office during regular working hours.

Note:  If you are a US resident and your registration included a medallion, it will be mailed complimentary. Conquistador trophies are mailed upon receipt of a shipping and handling fee of $20.  S&H for posters:  $7.  Please include shipping fees with your Indoor El Tour Application or Completion Form.  For shipping and handling fee outside of the continental U.S. contact the Indoor El Tour Director.


2017 Indoor El Tour Event Calendar

Updates are ongoing to the Indoor El Tour Event Calendar.  Check back as activities are scheduled.  

Date Activity Time  Location
September 16
Loop the Loop,
Kick of El Tour Season!
TBD Pima County’s The Loop
November 11
Indoor Kick Off! TBD Open
November 12
Event 2 TBD Open
November 13
Event 3 TBD Open
November 14
Event 4 TBD Open
November  15
Event 5 TBD Open
November 16
Event 6 TBD Open
  El Tour
Expo Day 1
10:00am – 8:00pm Tucson
Convention Center
November 17
El Tour
Expo Day 2
10:00am- 8:00pm Tucson Convention Center
Sat,  November 18 El Tour Ride Day 8:00 am-5:00 pm  El Tour Start Line – Armory Park