Beneficiaries & Fundraising

Indoor El Tour Beneficiaries

The following 501(c)3 non-profit organizations are benefiting from the 2017 Indoor El Tour.  All funds raised go directly to you chosen charity.  Select one of these organizations to ride for this year.  This list will be updated as more charities sign on.  

  • Uphill Into The Wind’s  mission is to put more Bodies On Bikes in support of charity cycling and triathlon events loaning bikes to individuals who ride to raise money for charities.  Your support purchase bikes and parts to keep our fleet rolling and free to the participant who borrows a bike.  Register here
  • Ride for a Child:  a program for Tu Nidito Children and Family Services created because every child needs someone to go the extra mile for them. Tu Nidito’s Ride For A Child cyclists ride in celebration of a Tu Nidito child they have been paired with in support of Tu Nidito’s emotional, social and educational support programs.  Register here.  
  • Rotary International:  Rotary’s top priority is eradicating polio. The contributions you raise will support immunization campaigns in developing countries where polio continues to infect and paralyze children, robbing them of their futures and compounding the hardships faced by their families. As long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, children everywhere remain at risk. By seeking contributions in support of your Ride to End Polio, you can help Rotary achieve a polio-free world.  Register here.
  • Cakes for Causes:  A 100% volunteer organization consisting of cake decorators, bakers, sugar artists and anyone else who wants to heal the world through sugar art.  We provide, at no cost, decorative cakes, or other baked goods, and/or sugar art for other 501(c)(3) groups’ parties, fundraising events or learning sessions. We bring premium products and services within reach of non-profits to allow them to better use their funds toward their missions. Register here.  
  • Valley of the Sun Charity Foundation  (VOTSCF) whose mission is to implement direct improvement in the community of Title 19 schools in high poverty communities with school supplies, reading books and education regarding empowerment.  Focusing on the critical needs of our underserved youth as being the conduit for our community we take a direct approach to enhancing their quality of life by providing positive building blocks that will offset the constant negativity by providing academic support in the classroom with a language rich environment for children. Educators will have the materials needed to provide the kids the education needed to become successful.  This will stimulate the children’s interests, knowledge, and experiences in life instead of a statistic of domestic violence and/or human trafficking. VOTSCF stays true to our commitment, responsibility, and stewardship; and operating with accountability and transparency.  Register here.

Here are some ideas to help you get started fundraising for one of Indoor El Tour’s Beneficiaries:

Social Media

  • Announce to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that you are riding Indoor El Tour!
  • Encourage everyone to join you in riding Indoor El Tour.
  • Post photos of your workouts with the #indooreltour.
  • Ask friends to join an Indoor El Tour Team!
  • Explain your fundraising goals and update frequently.
  • Let your friends know where their fundraising dollars are going.


  • Write an awesome email to all your friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • Tell them you are riding in the Indoor El Tour, that it is a charity event, and that they can help you reach your fundraising goals.
  • Break it down for them: ask for manageable sums.
  • Show them how your charity helps others; explain the organization’s mission and how they spend fundraising dollars.


  • Ask an individual or business to commit a dollar amount per minute that you ride Indoor El Tour. For example, you ride forty minutes and the sponsor pays $40.
  • Ride as a team for a Beneficiary and fund raise together.  A group often has more success with businesses.