Thank you to all who rode
the 2017 Tucson Conquistadores
12th Indoor El Tour
presented by Arizona Health!

Riding for minutes not miles! 
Being a part of El Tour from any where in the world on a stationary bicycle!

Check out the 2017 Indoor results HERE

Indoor Director Sue Moore with John and Marga Hewko of Rotary International

Rotary International is committed to eradicating Polio with help from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who matches each Rotary dollar with two more! 
John is the Secretary General of Rotary International who road in El Tour’s main event in Tucson.  
Only 15 cases of Polio were reported in 2017.  Hopefully those cases will be the LAST ever! 


LaMont Hunley of Arizona Health (center) and ‘Inspire’ Rep Eric (left)   

LaMont Hunley (center) of Arizona Health  provided beautiful equipment for Indoor El Tour at Expo and the finish line. 
Arizona Health is the leading edge in fitness equipment in Tucson offering the most respected brands available providing quality exercise equipment and exceptional customer service with total integrity.


Rotary District 5500 pedals at the JCC


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♦  El Tour’s road distances of 106, 76, 54, 37 or 28 miles
♦  Fun Ride of 10, 4, 1/4 miles or new 1 mile!
♦  Bike Patrol


Discover Indoor El Tour

A program of El Tour de Tucson, Indoor El Tour is designed for anyone starting or continuing the journey of living a healthy lifestyle. This cycling event is for people of all ages and abilities benefiting local and national charities.  Participants choose to ride 10, 28, 37, 54, 76 or 106 or more minutes on a stationary bicycle any where in the world. All you need is a stationary bicycle or bicycle trainer and the drive to ride for minutes, not miles!

 Indoor El Tour Stories

El Tour is all about cyclists, families, achievements and fun.  Check out some Indoor stories from past events –  Indoor El Tour stories....

Edward Haugland from Saddlebrooke, Arizona
(2015)  I am 74 years old and have been riding road bicycles with the Saddlebrooke Cyclemasters since we moved to Tucson 15 years ago. I have ridden in 11 El Tours. In the last 2 years, I have had 2 bad falls resulting in fractured ribs, a fractured pelvis, a broken hip and 2 bad concussions. I felt that I had to stop cycling rather than risk another concussion. So I have taken up stationary bicycling. Today’s ride was my opportunity to participate in El Tour de Tucson this year.

Charlotte Swank from Vail, Arizona
I had major hip surgery in February of 2015 as I have hip dysplaysia and hypermobility syndrome (Periacetabular Osteotomy).  My hip is still held together with 3 screws, but I’m really working on getting strong again and taking part in awesome things like this!  Thank you so much for providing an outlet where anyone can get involved! I appreciate it!

Joan Garbe from Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Joan Garbe I rode in Indoor El Tour to put a face to Team RWB (Red White & Blue), a non-profit veterans organization. Team RWB inspires me to remain socially active by connecting with veterans and non-veterans, as well as physically active through the camaraderie of fellow athletes. Cycling events like Indoor El Tour further inspires me by allowing me to do both as well as challenging me to push myself. Thanks Perimeter Bicycling for continuing to put on a fun activity that allows everyone to participate wherever they are!

Sally Montagne from Vail, AZ 
I rode to support Rotary International’s goal to end polio in the world.

Richard Lynn Smith from Scottsdale, AZ
I love cycling. I’ve been a Rotarian for 30 years in the Phoenix 100 Rotary Club. I’m proud that Rotary has fought to eliminate Polio from the world during the years I’ve been involved. (We’re almost there!) I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to be involved in El Tour in this fashion.


Cyclist Benefits

106 or more
76 – 105
54 – 75
37 – 53
28 – 36
Fun Ride
10 – 27



  • Must be honest – the honor system applies.
  • Must ride a form of stationary bicycle: Lifecycle, bicycle on a trainer or rollers, handcycle, spin bike, etc.  Note:  Riding a bicycle on the road does not qualify.
  • Indoor El Tour can only be done between Saturday November 11th at 7:00am and Saturday November 18th at 4:00pm.
  • While riding your Indoor event, your legs must be continually moving in a forward direction throughout your time on the stationary bicycle.
  • Teams must have a team captain and each team member must indicate on the application the name of the team.  Teams cannot be named after the event – see awards section
  • Riding for the record:  All record attempts must be observed by a pre-approved El Tour Official Monitor.
    • For an official record: after the first 106 minutes of continuous forward pedaling, participants may take a break for five minutes every hour then continue pedaling.  Any break longer than 5 minutes will end the attempt.
  • Rules for Teams are listed in Team Award Description.
  • To be eligible for awards, participants must have an El Tour Official present and the Official must complete the Indoor El Tour Completion Form.
  • You must submit the Indoor El Tour Completion Form on or before December 1, 2017.  Please contact if you need a completion form.

    Past Results

Indoor El Tour event waiver