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Town of Marana  El Tour 25-Mile Distance from Heritage River Park

The Town of Marana is the sponsor for the 25-mile distance in El Tour, which will take place on November 23, 2019.  This is an appealing distance for anyone who wants to take on a shorter leg than the 100 or 50-milers. Organizers expect that 750-1,000 cyclists will find the distance and the 1:00pm start time an attractive alternative.

Festivities around the Town of Marana’s 25 mile start for El Tour will begin at 12:00pm  and the ride will start at 1:00pm.

To celebrate the partnership with El Tour Marana will host food trucks, a DJ, and more at this family-friendly community activity.

Directions to the Town of Marana 25-Mile Start:
From I-10, exit Tangerine Road, and head west for approximately 2.75 miles. Turn south at the intersection of Tangerine Farms Rd. & Heritage Park Drive.

View the El Tour Route Map here to see the path through the Town of Marana – The Gateway to Health and Wellness for El Tour.

The route showcases Marana as a great bicycling community that values healthy living and outdoor recreation. The goal is for cycling aficionados and casual riders alike to return and enjoy Marana’s outstanding cycling opportunities

Getting to Marana

Visitors from near and far can easily find their way to Marana.

By car:  Marana is a short 15 minute drive from Tucson. Use exits 250 through 236 to access anywhere within the Town. Visitors traveling from Phoenix can reach Marana by driving 90 minutes south on Interstate 10 along a scenic corridor, with vistas of Picacho Peak and the Sacaton Mountains. Use exits 236 through 250 to get to Marana.

By plane: Travelers to Marana can use one of three airports. If traveling in your own aircraft or charter plane, we invite you to use the Marana Regional Airport, conveniently located in the middle of Marana. Commercial airline passengers can fly into Tucson International Airport, only a 30 minute drive. Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport also serves Marana. Visitors using this option will arrive in Marana after a 90 minute drive through Arizona’s rural desert and farmland.

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The Town of Marana recognizes the growing need and responsibility to provide opportunities for people to bike within the Town and has made the commitment to ensure that current and future planning accommodates this need on a local and regional level. Marana is taking steps not only to increase awareness of bicycling within the community, but to ensure that thoughtful planning is taking place to provide the appropriate infrastructure and facilities to accommodate bicycling as a means of transportation as well as recreation. Goals include developing and maintaining an integrated system of bikeways and ensuring safe and convenient bicycle access throughout the Town. Marana is striving to make bicycling an integral part of daily life.

Bicycling is a viable non-polluting mode of transportation that utilizes a renewable energy source – the human body. Riding your bike reduces pollution and traffic congestion and comes with a multitude of health benefits. The U.S. Center for Disease Control states that the most effective activity regimens are moderate in intensity, individualized, and incorporated into daily activity. Incorporating bicycling into your regular daily routine such as the commute to work, school or shopping can be sustainable and time efficient and a great way to reduce stress, improve fitness and clear the mind.

Marana -the perfect base camp

Let’s face it, Arizona’s a big state.  You just can’t ride along a river near Tucson on the same day that you explore the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and it can be hard to figure out where to start exploring this vast landscape.  Fortunately, there’s one Town that’s in the thick of it all.  On the banks of an ancient stream lies Marana, waiting to fulfill all your cycling dreams.  Hop on the Santa Cruz River Shared-Use Path and connect directly to Pima County’s Loop.  Two mountain ranges cut through our backyard, offering mountain bike trails for every skill level.  And if the weather’s too hot, no need to worry.  That massive peak reaching into the clouds?  That’s Mt. Lemmon, and its cool summit beckons. Read more reasons that Arizona is a cycling paradise here.

Where to ride – popular riding locations

There are a number of very enjoyable bike rides within the Town of Marana. Those who prefer to ride on a paved surface may take advantage of a growing system of bike routes and multi-use lanes along some of the Town’s arterial and collector streets.

Bike lanes along Silverbell Road from Cortaro Road northwest to Twin Peaks Road are quite popular with residents of Continental Ranch, as are the striped multi-use lanes on Coachline Boulevard and Continental Reserve Loop. Other popular roadways with striped multi-use lanes are Twin Peaks Road, Cortaro Farms Road, Ina Road, Tangerine Road, Tangerine Farms Road, Lon Adams Road in Gladden Farms, and Dove Mountain Boulevard.

Download the Shared-Use Path Brochure here

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