Yes, really! You can RIDE for FREE!


Here’s how it works:
When you register through October 31, 2018 – instead of paying an entry fee to Perimeter Bicycling, you agree to collect $200 or more in contributions from friends, family colleagues & neighbors for our primary beneficiary.  From November 1 – November 14 the minimum amount is of $250.   Our primary beneficiary: 

Easterseals, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing social services & 
dedicated to the idea that all people
deserve the chance to live healthy, productive,
and independent lives.

When you RIDE for FREE as an Easterseals cyclist in the Wheels for Easter Seals program you will receive these benefits: 
♦ a personalized Fundraising Page!
Receive Fundraising support and tips
Invite your friends, family, colleagues & neighbors to support you 


To register and Ride for FREE please read the following four (4) points

(1)     You must agree to raise & turn in $200 or more in contributions           by Friday, November 16, 2018.   (or $250 starting Nov 1)  If  you are unable to raise $200 (or $250), to complete your registration, you will be required to pay Perimeter Bicycling $175.

(2)    Earn more benefits – see Fundraising Benefit Chart.

(3)    Read Guidelines.

(4)    Complete registration to RIDE for FREE!

Fundraising Benefit Chart

See below for details of each benefit as you ride for FREE
and raise funds for Easterseals!

El Tour Conquistador Trophy







Wheels for Easterseals – Ride for FREE

This special program paves the way for your greatest success in fundraising for Easterseals!  When you sign up, you will be paired with a Wheels for Easterseals Ambassador child who will keep you inspired to train for El Tour and raise the highest amount possible!  You will also receive your own personal fund raising page for you to share with friends, family and colleagues all over the world who can make donations ONLINE!  

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  1. This program closes on October 31, 2018.  
  2. All contribution checks/money orders are to be made out to Easterseals, or use the Wheels For Easterseals online donor program.  Want to collect donations the old fashioned way by collecting cash, checks  or money orders?  Here’s a form you can use to track your contributors     Contribution Form.   
  3. Once you register (before October 31, 2018) contributions must be turned in on or before November 16, 2018.  
    Late contributions may be turned in at El Tour Expo/packet pick up on           Thursday & Friday, November 15th & 16th.
  4. The “$200 level” of Ride for Free registration closes on October 31, 2018.  November 1 – 16, the minimum to raise/turn in is $250.  .    
  5. If you are unable to raise a minimum of $200 (registrations received through Oct 31) in contributions to complete your registration you will be required to pay Perimeter Bicycling $175 by Expo/Packet Pickup.    


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The Treasure Chest

Filled with sponsor donated items valued at a minimum of $3,000; includes:

a bicycle
El Tour framed poster
entries to other events
complimentary hotel room(s)
bicycle equipment
and other surprising gifts

Check back periodically see the exact items in the Treasure Chest! 

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Fundraising Benefits Details
Raise at least $200
♥ Entry:  entry into El Tour!
♥ Event Poster:  18 x 24 poster designed especially for El Tour
Raise at least $500, add:
♥ Wheels for Easterseals Jersey:  A special cycling Jersey created for the program.
♥ Access to training for El Tour
Raise at least $1,000 and add:
♥ El Tour socks: designed to match El Tour’s jersey
♥ El Tour Conquistador Trophy: see photo above.  El Tour’s most prestigious symbol.
Raise at least $2,500 and add:
♥ Dedication Dinner:  the Wednesday before El Tour is your chance to mix with
     El Tour’s celebrities, sponsors, beneficiaries and Dedication Recipient


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Write to info @ 
Call (520) 745-2033