Welcome! Perimeter Bicycling works with the many municipalities in the greater Tucson area to make cycling as safe as possible for everyone.  The final route is the result of many meetings with all the jurisdictions the route traverses.  

Please note that the 75-mile distance has been eliminated for 2019.

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2019 Route Information


MAPS – where you’ll be riding El Tour day
              Cue Sheets – turn by turn directions
              Elevation profile

Road Work Needed – who to call for road repair/maintenance on or off the route

Road Closures Day Of El Tour  – rolling closures for cyclists and motorists

Shuttles – getting back to your car from the 25 & 50-mile starts

Starts – locations & Times

Weather for El Tour day with history

 WEATHER – El Tour Day and history

El Tour day has traditionally had spectacular weather- very cool in the morning and mild during the day.  Click for El Tour Day Weather History

Find more about Weather in Tucson, AZ
Click for weather forecast

It can be very cold at the start line of the 102 mile event.  Recommendations to stay warm until the gun start:  purchase thrift store  sweatpants/shirt or other clothing to wear OVER your kit.  Before the start gun is “fired” discard the warm clothing outside of the pedrail. DO NOT leave anything in the starting chute that you want to see again.  Everything is gathered and given to a local charity/thrift store.  DO NOT leave any personal belongings at any of the aid stations.  Thanks!

El Tour Day Weather History & Facts
Year Month Day Event High Low
1983 Nov 19 1st 62 38
1984 Nov. 17 2nd 65 39
1985 Nov. 23 3rd 77 44
1986 Nov 22 4th 73 47
1987 Nov 21 5th 79 49
1988 Nov 19 6th 60 32
1989 Nov 18 7th 79 48
1990 Nov 17 8th 86 53
1991 Nov 23 9th 69 40
1992 Nov 21 10th 60 31
1993 Nov 20 11th 71 40
1994 Nov 19 12th 54 34
1995 Nov 18 13th 80 48
1996 Nov 23 14th 65 52
1997 Nov 22 15th 74 43
1998 Nov 21 16th 79 41
1999 Nov 20 17th 77 48
2000 Nov 18 18th 56 32
2001 Nov 17 19th 80 52
2002 Nov 23 20th 82 50
2003 Nov 22 21st 68 41
2004 Nov 20 22nd 72 46
2005 Nov 19 23rd 72 45
2006 Nov 18 24th 84 48
2007 Nov 17 25th 81 51
2008 Nov 22 26th 80 53
2009 Nov 21 27th 74 45
2010 Nov 20 28th 73 45
2011 Nov 19 29th 69 52
2012 Nov 17 30th 75 53
2013 Nov 23 31st 50 46
2014 Nov 22 32nd 71 40
2015 Nov 21 33rd 81 43
2016 Nov 19 34th 84 56
2017 Nov 18 35th 78 52
2018 Nov 17 36th 74 42
Hottest El Tour  11/17/90 86o   
Coldest El Tour  11/23/13 50o  Rain!
Hot Nov Day 1999 93o   
Coldest Nov Day 1979 22o   
Avg High-Nov 1959-2002 77o   
Avg Low-Nov 1959-2002 45o   
18 year El Tour Day Average 1983-2002 70o   
41 year El Tour Day Average 1960-2002 70o   
Normal Average Temp Range for El Tour Day   71o   
Average November Rain   0.67 in  


Use the following to report unsafe road conditions to the appropriate agency:

* Pima County, phone 520-740-2639

* City of Tucson: phone (520) 791-3154, email
  Web form:

* Town of Oro Valley: roads division- 520-229-5070,

* Town of Marana: Citizen Request Tracker-

We wish you many miles of safe and enjoyable cycling! [/expand]

El Tour’s FINISH LINE for all events and START LINE FOR the 100-mile and Fun Rides is on SIXTH AVE between Armory Park and the Children’s Museum.   ARMORY PARK STREET CLOSURES HERE.

All route support will end at that time.  Each aid station will close prior to that time according to a schedule that will allow finishes by 5:00pm.       

Residential streets around El Tour’s start/finish line are RESTRICTED!
Permits are required for residents, non-permitted vehicles will be ticked.   

Click HERE For Festival Parking Map

Please WATCH THE SIGNS ON THE STREETS – don’t get a ticket!

Please click here for map of places to park – check them out.


Use the free Waze App on your smart phone for point to point directions on ride day around road closures!   Even if you know the way, Waze tells you about traffic, construction, police, road closures.

Maps and Cue Sheets for 2019 El Tour

Aid stations will be every 7-12  miles
check them out on the downloadable
map below.   

Download Map:  2019-ETT-Route-Map Final





CUE Sheets 2019 – Turn by turn directions.   

100 Mile Cue Sheet

25_50 mile Cue Sheets   

Tucson Medical Center  Fun Ride distances 10, 5, or 1 miles are also in the works will be posted here when ready

OFFICIAL CUE SHEETS for all distances will also be available at EXPO/packet pick up – please visit the registration booth.

Elevation Profile, 100 (102) mile event

Start Lines – Locations – Directions
 Avoid 6th Ave to get there – best approach is from the east and north!
Location:  6th Ave at 12th Street, downtown Tucson.

GoogleMaps Links for 2019

  • 100-Mile Rio Nuevo El Tour     Start Time:  7:00am
    Avoid using 6th Ave to get there – there will be road closures!
    Location:  Armory Park, 6th Ave at 13th St, downtown Tucson
  • 50-Mile Tucson Orthopaedic Institute/Select OrthoDME Solutions El Tour        Start Time:  10:30am
    Morris K Udall Park, Sabino Canyon Rd south of Tanque Verde
    7200 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, 85715
  • 25 mile El Tour Mile Town of Marana    Start time:  1:00pm
    Location:  Marana at Heritage River Park
    12375 N. Heritage Park Dr., Marana, AZ
    Festivities begin at 12:00pm and the ride starts at 1:00pm. The Town of Marana hosts this celebration with food trucks, a DJ, and more at this family-friendly community activity.  Note: the southeast corner of Heritage Park Dr./Tangerine Farms Rd. will be closed.
  • El Tour FUN RIDE   Tucson Medical Center Start Time:  8:00am
    Avoid 6th Ave to get there – best approach is from the east and north!
    Location:  6th Ave at 12th Street, downtown Tucson.

SAG Support Vehicles.

SAG shuttle vans will be driving the route and stopping at each open Aid Station to provide transportation for event participants who are unable or unwilling to finish the event. The vans will continue the route until they are full and then head downtown to the start and finish line where they will drop you off and then return the route. There will be six vans working the route and at the beginning of the event it may take longer to get back to the finish line so please be patient.

We will also have SAG chasers that will be patrolling the route in between Aid Stations looking for participants who are unable to finish the event and take them to the nearest open Aid Station so the SAG shuttle van can take them downtown.

All SAG support vehicles will be identified with SAG signs on the vehicle and a YELLOW SAG SIGN on the driver’s side windshield.

SHUTTLES:  25 & 50 milers – getting back to your Car

All cyclists are responsible for transportation to event start lines.
There are two options to get back:  Have someone drop you off at the remote start where your event begins.  Or, you can take a FREE shuttle back to the remote start line where you began your ride.

When you finish your ride at Armory Park, (Finish Line for ALL events), drop your bike off at the FREE Secure Bike Valet just south of the Fiesta at Armory Park and take the FREE shuttle back to where your event start line.  Volunteers at the Information Tent will direct you to the Bike Valet and the shuttle boarding location. Due to limited space, shuttle vans are unable to transport your bicycle with you.  Each cyclist will be given a Bike Check ticket that must be surrendered when you return to the park to retrieve your bike.  Don’t lose your ticket.

Shuttles begin at 1:00pm on the east side of the Armory Park Senior Center (east of the festival).  Last shuttle pick up is at 6pm

All bicycles must be retrieved from Bike Check on Ride Day by 7pm