Indoor El Tour

Ride for minutes, not miles, anywhere in the world, and be involved in El Tour de Tucson, for yourself,  or your favorite charity.

Registration is open!

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What is Indoor El Tour? 

Indoor El Tour is a cycling event without traffic, potholes or wind more...

Indoor El Tour is a cycling event without traffic, hills, potholes or wind – one in which you don’t need to worry about crashing or even wearing a helmet! It’s an event that is modeled after El Tour de Tucson’s Main Events and designed to help anyone start or continue the journey of living a healthy lifestyle. Participants can choose 10, 42, 55, 75 or 104 or more minutes and all finishers will receive an official Indoor El Tour Medallion and other benefits depending on the fundraising level you choose. All you need is a stationary bicycle or bicycle trainer and the drive to ride for minutes, not miles !

Where is Indoor El Tour?

ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! You don't even have to leave your home more...

Indoor El Tour can be done ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! You don’t even have to leave your home and you can wear anything you want, even your birthday suit ! Any location will work – home, office, hotel gym, fitness center, school, or a friend’s backyard – as long as you have access to a stationary bicycle, you can be part of El Tour! You can even ride amid the excitement of our El Tour Expo or Start/Finish Line in downtown Tucson.

When is Indoor El Tour?

One whole week! November 15-22 more...

One whole week! You get to choose any time you want between Saturday, November 15th and El Tour Ride Day on November 22nd.

Why ride Indoor El Tour?

Great way to stay or to start getting fit & healthy more...

Great way to stay or to start getting fit & healthy! It’s an event you can do alone, with your family, friends, business associates or neighbors; and one in which you can help raise funds for charitable agencies.



STEP 1: Locate a stationary bicycle or bicycle trainer. Set it up in your home, office, other place of your choice or go to a location that already has one like a fitness center, hotel gym, school or a local bike shop.

STEP 2: Determine how many minutes you will ride. You may choose any of the five Indoor El Tour events, which are modeled after El Tour de Tucson’s main events. The only difference is that you will ride for minutes not miles! 104 minutes or more = Platinum Medallion 75 – 103 minutes = Gold Medallion 60 – 74 minutes = Silver Medallion 42 – 59 minutes = Bronze Medallion 10 – 41 minutes = Fun Ride Medallion

STEP 3: Select one of the five Fee Levels & Benefits If you would like to ride for one of El Tour’s Beneficiaries, please register directly through them: Habitat for Humanity Tucson, Rotary International Polio Plus. To register for Indoor El Tour through Perimeter Bicycling for Project L.I.F.E. read on!


All fees and contributions are to be made payable to Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc., a 501 c (3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Net proceeds will benefit the Living In Fitness & Excellence (L.I.F.E.) Program. DEADLINE: All fees & contributions must be submitted by 8:00 pm on Friday, November 21, 2014 except for those who choose to ride Indoor El Tour on Ride Day at the Start/Finish location for the main events. SHIPPING & HANDLING CHARGES: Medallions are mailed complimentary; Poster, T-shirt, Socks and/or Jersey have a shipping & handling charge of $5.00.  A Conquistador Trophy’s shipping & handling is $20.00. Please include the applicable amount with your Indoor El Tour Application.

STEP 4: Complete an Indoor El Tour application with a beneficiary who is participating in the event: Habitat for Humanity Tucson, Rotary International Polio Plus,  or an application from Perimeter Bicycling (application HERE) or if you prefer, register ONLINE now.  Applications must be received by the beneficiary no later than November 8th. If you register with Perimeter Bicycling, the deadline is 8:00 pm on Friday, November 21, 2014.   a) US MAIL – mail application with a check for the minimum fees to our main office prior to Friday, November 14th (so it will get to us on time). b) IN PERSON – come to our main office located at 2609 E Broadway in Tucson, drop off application along with a check for the minimum fees prior to Tuesday, November 18th @ 6:00pm. c) AT EXPO – come to the Registration area at the El Tour Bicycle, Health & Fitness Expo held at the Tucson Convention Center (Thu or Fri, Nov 20-21 – more info HERE) to turn in your application and check or money order – while you’re there enjoy all of the exhibits! d) RIDE DAY – Those riding at El Tour’s Start/Finish Line in downtown Tucson may register and pay at the Registration Tent.  First come first served.  Your ride must end by 4:00pm.

STEP 5: Ride your selected distance during El Tour week. There are no officials or monitors unless you are riding for an award. Indoor is based on the honor system. If you are riding for an award, you must ride Indoor El Tour at one of our pre-approved centers with an El Tour Official. Prior to your award attempt, call us at 520-745-2033, send an email to or see our event schedule for approved indoor center.

STEP 6: After you finish your Indoor El Tour, mail or email the completed “Indoor El Tour Completion Form” to our office. You may either mail the form to our main address or submit all of the applicable information via email. Results will be posted throughout El Tour week so as soon as you complete your Indoor El Tour experience, send us the information so we can include you in the results! We also encourage you to include a photo of your Indoor El Tour experience for inclusion on our website, Facebook page and Tail Winds publication. The absolute deadline for these forms and any photos is December 1st. Submissions after December 1 will not be included in the results listings.

Beneficiary- Project L.I.F.E. (Living in Fitness and Excellence)


Project L.I.F.E. (Living In Fitness and Excellence) creates opportunities for youth to embrace an active lifestyle that incorporates physical fitness, emotional well-being, balanced nutrition and movement into their lives. Project L.I.F.E. promotes individual and community wellness and strives to eliminate health disparities between populations. At the heart of Project L.I.F.E is the belief that interdisciplinary programs that build a healthy mind, body and spirit increase individual self-esteem and resiliency, which results in improved health and well being for all participants. Project L.I.F.E. partners with a variety of community-based organizations involved in youth fitness, wellness, art and education.



  • Must be honest – the honor system applies.
  • Must ride some form of a stationary bicycle: Lifecycle, bicycle on a trainer or rollers, handcycle, spin bike, etc.
  • Indoor El Tour can only be done between Saturday November 15th at 7:00am and Saturday November 22nd at 4:00pm.
  • Teams must have a team captain and each team member must indicate on application the name of the team – see awards section
  • Riding for the record:  2013 Record Holder Randy Poland pedaled 715 minutes at the start/finish line.  All record attempts must be observed by a pre-approved El Tour Official Monitor.
  • For an official record after the first 111 minutes of continuous forward pedaling, participants may take a break for five minutes every hour then continue pedaling.  Any break longer than 5 minutes will end the attempt.
  • To be eligible for awards, participants must have an El Tour Official present and the Official must complete the Indoor El Tour Completion Form.
  • You must submit the Indoor El Tour Completion Form on or before December 1, 2014.

Send in a photo of yourself doing Indoor El Tour – you may see your photo in our Tail Winds newspaper!



2013 results posted on El Tour results pages HERE

Results for  past years are posted with El Tour results for their respective years/event.



All participants riding 10 minutes or more receive a special INDOOR  medallion. All of the following award recipients receive an El Tour Conquistador (handmade sculpture) and will be posted on the Perimeter Bicycling Website in December and listed in Tail Winds, Jan/Feb issue. TEAM AWARD INFORMATION

  • Get your friends, coworkers or neighbors together and pick a Team Name, then have everyone register under that team name.
  • Encourage as many people as possible to join your team.
  • Select a Team Captain who will send in all registrations together and will make sure the Team Name is on each application.
  • Join the challenge to ride the most minutes as a group.
  • Compete against other teams.

Have you completed your Indoor El Tour ? 


Are you an El Tour main event cyclist who did not ride the road event?  Did you ride Indoor?  Download your completion form, posted HERE when available.