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Happy cycling!

Lots of stuff to do for kids including:

Three Fun Rides / Be An El Tour Kid /2016 image – click here!  coloring contest


For cyclists on road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, tandems, wheelchairs or any human powered cycle.
Putting the 'FUN' in Fun Ride Ed Tunstall Photo

Putting the ‘FUN’ in Fun Ride
Ed Tunstall photo



8:30 am … 11-mile course starting in Armory Park and heads up the Santa Cruz River multi-use path – scenic and mostly away from traffic.


8:30 am … 5-mile course  easy  and mostly flat along the Santa Cruz river path.


2014 Fun Ride Eric Peffer

Deck out your bike or wear a costume
Eric Peffer photo

9:00 am – 1:00 pm … 1/4-mile activity area especially for cyclists on tricycles,
training wheels, or babies in trailers features
fun activities for the kids.

All distances start on 6th Ave at 13th Street between Armory Park and the Children’s Museum.

Download a registration form HERE when available 


Get Decorated!

Several awards and prizes:

  • FUN RIDE MEDALLION to all finishers
  • The BEST DECORATED BIKE CONTEST(Youths 12 & under)
    Show off your creativity … deck out your bike! Wear a costume!  Let your imagination go wild! Selection will be made at the Finish Line. A small souvenir trophy will be awarded to all contest participants. The winner brings home a Conquistador Trophy, El Tour’s highest award!
  • Win a Bike!
    All registered 12 & under Fun Ride participants will be entered into a drawing to win a bike!

 Be An El Tour Kid,

Join Kids Riding for Those Who Can’t

Download: Kids Riding For Those Who Can’t Entry Form

Kids Riding For Those Who Can’t is a program of El Tour for youth 14 and under riding in honor of someone who can’t ride the event.

Step 1.  Write a short letter about a special person you will ride for and why you will ride in their honor. This special person can be anyone…a friend, family member or teacher.

Step 2.  Send your letter in no later than December 1, 2016 to:
El Tour Kids, 2609 E Broadway, Tucson AZ 85716
or email mariolle @

Your letter will be entered to win a bicycle from AJO BIKES!

Read the 2012 entries 

Last year’s winner Leonardo Ruiz

Last year’s winner Leonardo Ruiz

2012 winner Leonardo Ruiz
“El Tour was awesome. I had to ride for my family. I choose my family because they care for me. My family because some of them are sick. El Tour was fun.”
Leonardo Ruiz, age 11
Tucson, AZ

Other Entry Archive

For more past entries click  Here

Editor Note:
The essays below are absolutely outstanding.  Because it was impossible to choose one essay over another, the winner was chosen in a random drawing.  Congratulations to all students who rode the 2012 El Tour for a friend, coach, group, teacher and beloved family member and took the time to share their experience and thoughts.

“I am riding for a special person and that is my cousin Edgardo.He has a disease called muscular dystrophy which doesn’t allow him to walk or move from the neck down. He can’t ride a bike but I know he would love to ride again. When he was younger, he was able to ride a bike and walk but not anymore. Even though he has a hard time doing certain things he never gives up.That’s what led me to ride El Tour de Tucson for my cousin Edgardo.”
Jailene Rodriguez,Age 13
Tucson, AZ

“The person I am writing for is my mom because she encouraged me to ride El Tour de Tucson. She also encouraged me to ride with my dad. I was relieved when I crossed the finish line. I was fun.”
Aurelio Alejandro Vargas, age 11
Tucson, AZ

“I would like to honor this ride to my Nana. My Nana has been here for me all this time. Even though I try my hardest to help her with the best of my ability she’s still there cheering me on. Thanks to my Nana I am still doing what I enjoy. She still cares about me and I do too.Thank you Nana. I love her.”
Alexandra Armenta, age 12
Tucson, AZ

“This year was my first year riding the El Tour. I was supposed to ride it with my Dad. On October 22 my Dad and some of his work friends got in a car crash. My Dad broke his back and had to be in a back brace for three months. He had to drop out of the race. I still did the race without him but I really wanted him by my side to cheer me on. I saw him at one rest stop but it was sad to leave him for twenty-five more miles. It will always be a great and excellent memory but next time I hope it’s with my Dad by my side!”
Kylene Gillick, Age 13
Doylestown, PA

“My Grandma Dusty. Because she is the closest family member I have. She is living in a RV. She will be moving out soon. I will ride in her honor because she had lung disease and lung cancer. She loves bike riding but ever since we found out about the disease she can’t. That is why I ride in her honor.”
Levi Corrales, age 9
Tucson, AZ

“The persons I rode for in El Tour are my grandparents. They are not with us now. I rode in their honor because they were inspirational. They inspired me to be my best. I was little when they were killed in a car crash so I don’t have lots of memories about them but the bits I remember are happy. They will be missed. I thank them for all they have done for me. So its my greatest honor to ride for them.”
Jesus Mata, Age 12
Tucson, AZ

Download: Kids Riding For Those Who Can’t Entry Form


Enter the El Tour Coloring Contest and Win a Bike!

 DOWNLOAD: Coloring Contest Here when available!

Use your imagination to color El Tour’s poster. The winner in each of three age groups will receive a bicycle donated by AJO BIKES. One new bicycle in each of the following age groups: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12.

Mail your entry, along with your name, birth date, address and phone number to:

El Tour Coloring Contest
2609 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ. 85716

All entries must be received by December 1. Winning Entries will appear in Tail Winds Jan/Feb Issue.