Bike Patrol


Bike Patrol Benefits

  • Wear the distinctive Bike Patrol T-shirt (or jersey for those who have completed 15 Perimeter Bicycling events as Bike Patrol).
  • Have special training opportunities.  First aid/CPR training schedule TBA.
  • Bike Patrol finisher’s medallion

Bike Patrol Qualifications

  • Have a desire to help others
  • Know the event rules Bike Patrol manual 2019
  • Satisfy basic certification requirements by attending a Bike Patrol certification class (class schedule here).
  • Have the ability to provide basic first aid and do minor repairs.  (Providing a band-aid and flat tire repair is most common).
  • Be able to ride the distance of the ride you select.
  • Maintain your bike to prevent breakdowns.

Bike Patrol Rules & Responsibilities

  • Your assistance may be needed at the start/finish for crowd control prior to an event start.
  • Encourage riders to finish.  Your job is to help others achieve their goals.
  • Be flexible and willing to perform your assigned duty.  Some assignments may require riding back and forth between aid stations.
  • Life happens and emergencies pop up.  If you are unable to perform your assignment, please notify the Bike Patrol director.
  • Be positive, helpful and professional.  Avoid confrontations.  Report un-sportsmanlike conduct to Bike Patrol director.
  • STOP for accidents and offer assistance to the extent that you are able.  Call 911 for emergencies.  You MUST remain at the scene of a crash until qualified emergency personnel arrive.
  • Stop and check on riders who are pulled off the road.  Offer mechanical or first aid support.  Call Bike Patrol hotline to request SAG truck.
  • Carry a cell phone.  Call the Bike Patrol hotline once an hour or at each aid station.
  • Bike Patrol must wear the current event Bike Patrol T-shirt, if the jersey has not been earned, and the current event rider number bib picked up at Expo.
  • Bike Patrol does not “race” nor ride as support for one person or group.  Bike Patrol is there to support all of the riders and ensure the safety of the event.

How to certify for Bike Patrol

  1. Please email us at for Bike patrol application for the event you wish to ride. 
  2. Once application is approved, Pay the Bike Patrol fee.  Fees help offset the event costs.  Bike Patrol can fund raise for the event beneficiaries.
  3. Attend Bike Patrol certification class.  Schedule HERE  when ready.  You can register before you are certified; just attend a certification class prior to your event

Additional information

  • Bike patrol may ride alone with a cell phone.
  • If you wish to ride with a partner, identify your riding partner on the application form.
  • Bike Patrol is needed at all events and all distances, including Fun Rides.  You do not need to ride the longest distance.
  • Each Perimeter Bicycling event you have done (or will do) equals one point.  The number of events you have Bike Patrolled is the number of points you have.  Other non-Perimeter events, such as Ride of Silence, qualify for .5 (1/2) point.
  • Here is a list of all current and former Bike Patrollers. Please check the list for your name and the expiration date of your Bike Patrol Certification. If for some reason you believe we are in error, please notify us by calling 520-745-2033, or e-mail to for experienced Bike Patrollers has been changed to once every three years, and may even be extended to once every four years. We REALLY appreciate our regular, year-after-year Bike Patrollers.  For information about how to become a member of Bike Patrol, or to update your certification, e-mail us at


  1.  Ride in Pairs (you identify your partner, or we do), or2) Ride Alone (with a cell phone).
  2. Must be a currently certified Bike Patrol Member.
  3. Must agree to follow all of the rules of Bike Patrol, including wearing the Bike Patrol T-Shirt or jersey and assisting cyclists along the route.
  4. Must agree to carry a fully charged cell phone during the entire event. The phone will allow you to call emergency personnel to the scene of a crash should you encounter one.
  5. Must stay at the scene of a crash until qualified emergency personnel arrive at the scene.
  6. Give your cell phone number to the Bike Patrol Director.
  7. These rules apply to all Perimeter Cycling events (where Bike Patrol are used).
  8. BIKE PATROL – Helping others reach their goal !


  • El Tour de Tucson
  • Cochise County Cycling Classic
  • Tour of the Tucson Mountains
  • El Tour de Mesa
  • Save The Date