Route/Map/Cue Sheets

We are a metric century and metric half-century!
No changes are expected for 2019 – updates will appear here if there are any.
Distances are
100K (61 mi) with start time of 6:30am
or 50K (34 mi) with start time of 8:30am

You’ll start and finish in downtown Mesa area and you’ll still get to ride on Beeline Hwy, Bush Hwy and enjoy the great climb up Usery Pass!

Thanks for riding!

Download the  2019 El Tour de Mesa ROUTE MAP         
     no changes in 2019 – we’ll get the map updated. 

Click here for the 100K (metric century) cue sheet
Click here for the Elevation Charts
Click here for the 50K (metric half century) cue sheet

Click here for MapMyRide file metric century
Click here for MapMyRide file metric half century

El Tour has two “main event” distances (100k & 50k) and two Fun Ride distances (5 & 10 miles).  All distances finish in downtown Mesa.  The 50k distance starts at Red Mountain Elementary School (see below).

Start Times:
100k  6:30am
50k:  8:30am
Fun Ride:  11:00am

Your GPS or map software can help you find the Mesa Convention Center, but there will be ROAD CLOSURES  Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6  for the events.  The information below will help you get around.

Friday April 5:

Center St will be closed to traffic between Main St and University from 5:00 pm Friday, April 5 to begin setting up the Start/Finish Line.  Center St will be closed until 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 6.

DIRECTIONS: Exit the Superstition Fwy (US 60) or Red Mountain Loop 202 at Country Club exit, then head toward downtown Mesa.  Turn east on University then south on Center. The Mesa Convention Center is on the east side of Center just south of University.


Saturday, April 6
CENTER ST from Main St to University Dr will be closed for El Tour’s start/finish line and CycloMesa.

There are parking lots throughout downtown Mesa

No parking in the Mesa Convention Center lot– that’s where the Festival will happen.

ALLOW YOURSELF EXTRA TIME FOR PARKING, even if you’ve been to the area before.

2019 Route Map:  View or Download the 2019 El Tour de Mesa ROUTE MAP 
Downtown Mesa is the site for:
    start & finish of the 100k event
    start & finish of the FUN RIDES (5 & 10 mile events) 2019 Fun Ride Map
    finish of the 50k event
Parking for Downtown Mesa

The 50k event
  • starts at Red Mountain Elementary School
    6650 Raftriver, Mesa    Googlemap: HERE
  • finishes in Downtown Mesa – see maps above
    There will be a free bike valet at the finish line and a shuttle available to take you (not your bike) back to your car.  Why not you AND your bike?  There’s a space limit on the vans so to get more people to their cars, the bikes have to stay behind.  Look for the SHUTTLE flag on event day:

    • shuttles START at 10:30am
    • last van leaves at 1:30pm


This segment of the route is the most scenic.  With Saguaro Lake access on this part, special traffic control was established in association with Tonto National Forest.  It will take place between 8:00am and 11:00am to allow both cyclists and motorists to share Bush Hwy south of Beeline (Hwy 87) to Usery Pass:

8:00am – 11:00am
The southbound lane of Bush Hwy will be restricted to bicyclists only
The northbound lane will be controlled by a pilot car for all motor traffic.

Looking for the FUN RIDE?

About the event HERE