Beneficiaries & Fundraising

Our events not only promote health & wellness helping everyday people reach their potential but we are the avenue of fundraising for other nonprofit charities.  Check out El Tour de Mesa’s beneficiary charities here to learn about their programs.  You can earn extra event benefits, tax credits and the satisfaction of helping others!

Primary Beneficiary:
Marc Community Resources
providing educational, therapeutic, rehabilitation and social services to children and adults with developmental and, physical disabilities and behavioral health challenges.

Supporting Beneficiaries
Uphill Into The Wind  –
 putting bodies on bikes and setting them in motion to assist other charities and bicycling events. 

Interested in becoming a beneficiary for El Tour de Mesa?   Write to Barbara or call (520) 745-2033.  Charities must be a 501(c)3 organization.  Give us a call and let’s get you rolling!

Need  form to keep track of donors?  This one could help:  2019 Contribution Form