At El Tour, everyone is a winner!
All finishers earn special medallion.  There are also awards for volunteers, for fundraising, and more.

Your finish time indicates the medallion you earned.  Medallions are given at the Finish Line:

100K (61-mile) Event                  Men                    Women
Platinum             under                 2:45 hrs                3:00 hrs
Gold                     under                3:40 hrs                 3:50 hrs
Silver                   under                5:00 hrs                  5:00 hrs
Bronze                 under                7:00 hrs                 7:00 hrs

50K (34-mile): all finishers receive a Gold medallion
Bike Patrol: all patrolers receive a special Bike Patrol medallion
Fun Riders receive a special Fun Ride medallion 

Conquistador Trophy

Conquistador Trophy
The most prestigious symbol of the tour is the Conquistador Trophy.  This award can be earned through raising funds for the beneficiaries or the traditional way of finishing on the podium in your event.  Some trophies are awarded on ride day, others are presented after the event.

At ALL Perimeter Bicycling events we use GUN TIME, that is, the clock for everyone starts when the “gun goes off.”  Your time is recorded from the moment the gun goes off to the moment your timing chip crosses the finish line.


1st –3rd Place Male and Female individuals (road bike):  100K (61 mi) event and 50K (34 mi) event
Each receives a Conquistador Trophy awarded on ride day.

1st Place Tandem:  100K (61 mi) event
Male, Female and Mixed receive a Conquistador Trophy awarded on ride day

1st Place Mountain Bike individual: 100K (61 mi) event
Male & female receive a Conquistador Trophy.  Not awarded on ride day

1st Place Recumbent:  100K  (61 mi) event
Receives a Conquistador Trophy. Not awarded on ride day.

 1st Place Handcyclist individual: 100K (61 mi) and 50K (34 mi) events
Receives a Conquistador Trophy.  Not awarded on ride day.


Desert Tortoise Award individual: 100K (61 mi) event
The last official finisher in the 100K (61 mi) event receives a Conquistador Trophy.  Awarded on ride day.

Junior Award
The youngest (14 & under) individual male and female in the 100K (61 mi) and 50K (34 mi) events receive a Conquistador Trophy.   Not awarded on ride day.

Most Distinguished Award
The oldest individual male and female (65 & older) to finish the 100K (61 mi) and 50K (34 mi) events receive a Conquistador Trophy.   Not awarded on ride day.

Outstanding Bike Patrol
Bike Patrol rides the event with you and provides minor mechanical repair, first aid and moral support when you need it. If you are helped by Bike Patrol during the event, write to bikepatrol@perimeterbicycling to tell us about it. The outstanding Bike Patrol for the event is given a Conquistador Trophy. Not awarded on ride day.

Outstanding Volunteer
A Conquistador Trophy goes to the volunteer who has shown tremendous dedication to the development and success of the event.  Not awarded on ride day.

Outstanding Aid Station
Aid stations along the route assist cyclists with water, snacks, moral support and TLC.  A Conquistador Trophy is awarded to the station with the most enthusiasm, creativity and support for cyclists.  Not awarded on ride day.  Tell us about your experience at your favorite aid station!

Outstanding Support Group
Many volunteer groups assist with the event in many capacities.  A Conquistador Trophy is awarded to the volunteer group that has shown exceptional support towards the success of the event.  Not awarded on ride day.

Family Award
There is a three (3) member minimum, but a family may have an unlimited number of riders on their team and each may ride any of El Tour’s main event distances. Points are awarded to each member who finishes based on the following list.  A Conquistador Trophy is award to the first place family and a certificate of achievement is given to each member of the family.  Not awarded on ride day.

5 Points    100K (61 mi) Platinum
4 Points   100K (61 mi) Gold
3 Points   100K (61 mi) Silver
2 Points   100K (61 mi) Bronze
1 Point     50K (34 mi)

A Certificate of Achievement is given to the first place family.   To be considered, an awards form must be completed and turned in before the event.   

Team Awards
There are six classifications of teams and two distances in the event creating the possibility of 24 first place team awards.  The first place team in each classification receives a certificate of accomplishment (not awarded on ride day) and is determined by the fastest cumulative finish time   A team is made up of five cyclists with an optional alternate who all ride the same distance.

Each team member must individually register for the event paying the appropriate fees at the time of registration.   A team fee of $100 must be paid to Perimeter Bicycling to register the team.

Team Classifications:
Business Team:   Any profit-making organization, service or agency.
Community Team: Any non-profit organization, service agency or
independent group of friends.
Youth Team:  All members must be age 14 and under on ride day.
Family Team:   Members must be related to each other by blood or marriage.
This is not the same as the Family Award.
Women’s Team:    All members must be female.
High School Team:  Members can be any combination of high school students,
faculty or staff.
For more details contact Barbara – see below

Perimeter Bicycling recognizes the accomplishment of cycling “perimeters” of geographical features such as mountains, cities, lakes, etc.  The minimum distance must be 50 miles and the start and finish must be the same place.  Each of Perimeter’s events includes at least one distance with a qualifying perimeter.  Completing two of those distances earns a cyclist a Double Crown Award.  

Qualifying events/distances are:

El Tour de Mesa:
100K (61-mile) event, the perimeter of Red Mountain, AZ
El Tour de Tucson:
106-mile event, the perimeter of Tucson, AZ

If you like bicycling perimeters, consider joining Perimeter Bicycling – you’ll be acknowledged for your accomplishments and receive discounts to our events!

Questions?  Write to or
call (520) 745-2033, ask for Barbara