Education and Advocacy

As cyclists, we are members of a population that has been referred to as “vulnerable users” of our roads, which generally includes anyone who is not encased in a two – ton metal box, and who could be seriously injured by said two – ton boxes.  Nearly every bicyclist has felt vulnerable at some point – and frustrated – but may not know where to turn or how to go about initiating change.

Since 1880 The League of American Wheelmen has been advocating for cyclists rights and for the creation of better roads.  Now know as the League of American Bicyclists, the organization works in Washington, DC in all advocacy matters.  Much of the federal funding that states receive for road improvements are evidence of the League’s efforts. As a result of representation in the legislature positive changes do happen to improve the safety of cyclists. National representation is great, but where do Arizona cyclists turn for similar representation in the state legislature?

The Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists was formed in 1991 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists is to promote efforts that improve bicycling usage and safety within the state of Arizona by addressing law enforcement and transportation engineering issues. Example Hidden...more


This is accomplished through education, outreach, and advocacy programs.  The goal is to enhance the role of bicycling in local, county and statewide transportation plans. The Coalition is a cyclist’s voice in the fight for bicycling rights, and is involved in local organizations such as the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG). The Coalition is based in Arizona’s capitol city, Phoenix, with representatives in Yavapai, Pima and Graham counties. Individuals, clubs and bike shops are encouraged to become members of the Coalition. The Coalition offers bicycle safety classes utilizing the League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills curriculum, and the classes are taught by League Cycling Instructors.  Class participants learn the laws of the road – which, by the way, are the same for motorists: Same roads, same rules, same rights and responsibilities.  Traffic Skills classes are taught in Yavapai, Pima, Maricopa, and Graham counties.

Sometimes the unthinkable happens and a cyclist is involved in a crash with a motor vehicle or is injured due to infrastructure flaws.  That is where the Coalition can step in. 

The Outreach program is designed to assist the survivors of a bicycle related fatality. Example Hidden...more

For the survivors, the emotional trauma can be devastating. Recognizing that one person or organization cannot do everything, the Coalition has partnered with the Not One More Foundation.  Not One More Foundation offers resources, meals, household services, professional references, and financial grants to assist the families of cyclists injured or killed in crashes involving a motor vehicle.

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