Cochise Classic
~ Rules ~


(2) All events will start promptly at the designated time. Riders will not be able to start after the published time. Please be in starting position at least 15 to 30 minutes early.

(3) All registered cyclists for the 165-mile event must attend the mandatory Pre-Ride Information & Check-In Party at Cochise County Fair Grounds the Friday evening before Ride Day.

All registered cyclists for the 95, 47 and 27-mile events may attend the Pre-Ride Information & Check-In Party at Expo/Packet Pick Up the Friday evening before Ride Day at 6:30pm or check in at least one hour prior to the event starting time at the start line.

(4)  All cyclists must complete entire official route for their designated event. Cyclist is responsible for knowing the route. Any changes will be announced prior to the start of the event.

(5)  Bicycles must be propelled solely by human force.

(6)  165-mile cyclists:  Must have legal,  proper lighting system on your bicycle if you are cycling after sunset.  If you are still on the course after 6:30pm, plan to mount legally required lighting by then.

REQUIRED LIGHTING SYSTEMA legal, white front & red rear, approved lighting system at night is mandatory! Flashlight or strap-on lights are not acceptable. A 150 lumen white headlight is recommended for a front light.  Have extra batteries or charger in the follow car. The recommended rear light should be at least a 2″ diameter continuous red tail light, either flashing or non-flashing.  The front light must be visible from 300 feet and the rear light from 500 feet. Either plastic or reflectorized tape should be attached to the backs of the pedals, cranks, seat stays, wheels and forks.

(7)  Cyclists riding the 165-mile event MUST provide their own support crew: mechanical, food, water, etc. DO NOT register for the 165-mile events if you  DO NOT have a crew & support vehicle. You will be disqualified! Cyclists arranging to share a crew MUST be within visual distance to each other at all times while on the course.

(8)  Support crews and vehicles may not leave the start line until 30 minutes after their event starts.

  • Support crew must LEAP-FROG their cyclist.  Direct-follow of a cyclst at any time is prohibited.
  • All cyclists must exit I-10 (Exit 318) and proceed on Dragoon Rd following cue sheet. Next Time Station is at Dragoon and US 191.

(9)  EACH 165-mile CYCLIST is responsible for reporting in at every time station .  The cyclist does not have to stop; the crew may report in for him/her.  If a  report is made after dark, the cyclist must stop while the crew makes the report so that the cyclist can stay as close as possible to the support vehicle.

(10)  Minimum support crew of 1 vehicle & 1 person is required for cyclists riding the 165-mile event.  A two-person crew is recommended for safety purposes.

(11)  Support crew vehicles must have yellow flashers on at ALL TIMES, display “CAUTION BICYCLIST AHEAD” sign and rider number sign.  These signs will be available at the Pre-Ride Information & Check-In Meeting the Friday before the event and at the start line.

(12) Handoffs (providing of food/drink while cyclist is in motion):

a) 165-mile event: handoffs by crew standing to the right of the “fog line” are  are allowed but are highly discouraged due to safety issues.  Time penalties may be issued if done unsafely. Absolutely NO handoffs from a vehicle, moving or stationary.

b) 95, 47 & 27-mile events: absolutely NO handoffs. Cyclists must pull off the road and stop.  No personal support crew/vehicles are permitted on the 95, 47 and 27 mile routes.

(13)  Cyclists and crews  are subject to ALL Arizona laws. There is absolutely no crossing the double center lines.

(14) Absolutely no slow moving or stopping of support vehicles on Interstate 10 . Crew must meet cyclist at check points off I-10.

(15) Support crew cannot stop on the Interstate.  Stopping on the interstate is illegal unless an emergency situation; Arizona Highway Patrol may issue you a citation.
Crew must meet cyclist at time stations or rest areas off the Interstate.

(16)  Time Limits:
165-mile event – 16.5 hours (11:00pm)
95-mile event – 8 hours (3:00pm)
47-mile event – 5  hours (1:00pm)
27-mile event – 3 hours (11:30am)

For the 95-, 47- and 27-mile events, the aid stations will close according to a schedule that will allow cyclists to finish by the above named cut off times.

After the posted cut-off time, cyclists in the 95, 47 & 27 mile events will be “sagged” to the finish line.  Cyclists in the 165 mile event must remove all event related signage from their vehicle, the cyclist should get in the vehicle – you may go directly home or to the finish line. If you go home, please call the event hotline and report your departure so the route officials will not think you got lost.  Hotline number will be given at the mandatory meeting.

(17) If you drop out, you must report in at the nearest time station (165 mile event) as soon as possible or at the Finish Line so that event officials and staff will know you have left the course.

(18)  Time Stations will remain open until the last known cyclist passes through within the cut off time.

(19)  Each cyclist and his/her support crew is considered a Team and accountable for knowing all the rules and abiding by them. Each team member is responsible for the safety of all members on the team.

  1. Failure to obey any state laws or abide by the Rider Rules will result in time penalties which will be issued by ride officials. Time penalties will be served at the last time station.
  2. No aerobars may be used on bicycles for the 95, 47 & 27 mile events.
  3. Good sportsmanship is required.  Poor conduct toward other participants, staff or volunteers is prohibited.

(20) Aero-type and other similar auxiliary handlebars are prohibited (except in the Cochise County Cycling Classic 165 mile event); this includes “tri-bikes” with otherwise unremovable aerobars.

(21)  NO REFUNDS or transfers of registrations to another person or event.

At ALL Perimeter Bicycling events we use GUN TIME, that is, the clock for everyone starts when the “gun goes off.”  Your time is recorded from the moment the gun goes off to the moment your timing chip crosses the finish line.

weather conditions will not cancel or postpone the event.

Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc. is not responsible for any cyclist prior to the start of an event!  If you are bicycling to the event start line you must obey Arizona state laws, particularly:

Wear a helmet
Must have lighting system on bicycle if bicycling in darkness
Wear bright/light colored clothing

Thank you for reading and obeying the rules.  With your help, this will be a safe and fun event!