Each year the event is dedicated to a special person who has made significant contributions to bicycling and the community.

In 2017 the Pre-Ride Pasta Dinner & Dedication Ceremony will be on – Friday, October 6th – 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

2017 Cochise County Cycling Classic

The 2017 Cochise Classic is dedicated to:

John Howard

John Howard – Olympic Cyclist, Ironman Champion, 2015 El Tour de Tucson 75-Mile First Place Finisher, 1985-1995 Bicycle Land Speed Record Holder (152.2 mph)

John Howard is a three-time Olympian, the 1981 Ironman world champion, a former record-holder of the cycling land speed record, a national masters cycling champion too many times to count, a legendary coach still going strong at 70 years old this August.

Howard, a former dedication recipient for El Tour de Tucson and El Tour de Mesa, is also this year’s dedication recipient of the Cochise County Cycling Classic, to be held Oct. 7 in Douglas, Ariz.

His latest contribution to the cycling world is to revive, expand and bring to the masses a book and a movie about the story of Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor, a cycling world champion in 1899 who arguably was the first African-African sports star in the United States and one of the first in the world.

2016 Cochise County Cycling Classic

2016 Cochise Classic dedicated to:

Alex Oden – cyclist, environmentalist and cancer survivor

Alex Oden – cyclist, environmentalist and cancer survivor

Alex Oden – Cyclist, environmentalist and cancer survivor.

The Cenpatico Integrated Care Cochise County Cycling Classic presented by Canyon Vista Medical Center honored Alex Oden – cyclist, environmentalist and cancer survivor.

As someone who has made significant contributions to bicycling, he was honored at the pre-ride pasta dinner & dedication ceremony.

At age 13, Alex had his first battle with a cancerous brain tumor.

“I needed something to help my mind, to spur me forward,” said Oden, 28.

Oden learned of cyclist Lance Armstrong and became inspired by Armstrong’s story in the book, “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life.”

After eight brain surgeries, Oden did not wallow in his situation. He did the exact opposite. He trained to compete in his first triathlon and ended up falling in love with bicycling.

Throughout his young life, Oden has reportedly helped raise more than $50,000 toward cancer research and he has helped mentor patients and survivors. While attending Northern Arizona University, Oden became the first recipient of Armstrong’s Livestrong Junior Spirit of Survivorship Award. He served on a scholarship committee at NAU for Carolyn’s Compassionate Children, an organization that raises money to give scholarships to adolescent cancer survivors.

After completing his psychology and climate-science solutions studies at NAU, Oden, an environmentalist, pursued a career in sustainability. While in Flagstaff, he took part in projects that determined ways to turn food waste from landfills into renewable energy called biogas.

Today, in his 14th year of remission from his brain cancer, Oden is the Pima County Sustainability Coordinator.

Oden does not own a car; he rides his bicycle to work. He and his fiancée Hannah turn their weekends in Tucson into bicycling adventures.



2015 Cochise Classic
Dedicated to:

Andy Clarke - Bicycle Advocate Extraordinaire

Andy Clarke – Bicycle Advocate Extraordinaire

Andy Clarke – Bicycle Advocate Extraordinaire and President of the League of American Bicyclists (2003 – 2015)

The 28th Cochise County Cycling Classic presented by Canyon Vista Medical Center is dedicated to Andy Clarke – Bicycle Advocate Extraordinaire and President of the League of American Bicyclists. Clarke joined the League staff in April 2003, rose to leadership at the League in May 2004 and helped to steer the organization into the future.

Clarke led the League of American Bicyclists – representing the interests of the nation’s 67 million cyclists — for 12 years and grew the organization into an effective lobbying force on Capitol Hill. Notably, Clarke directed the Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) initiative that set the standard and provided the roadmap for elected officials, city staff, and local advocacy organizations to create more bicycle-friendly communities. More recently, Clarke established the Equity Council and the Women Bike program.

After 12 years as President of the League of American Bicyclists, Clarke is moving on from his role as chief executive of the League of American Bicyclists.

Andy, we wish you nothing but tailwinds and are looking forward to your next chapter.


2014 Dedication Recipient:

2014 Cochise Classic
Dedicated to:

Maria Guadalupe Harris

Maria Guadalupe Harris

Maria Guadalupe Harris bicycling in memory of her husband, Glenn Ferguson Harris, MD (1949-2014), who shared their love for each other through cycling.

The love affair began with a flat tire. Dr . Glenn ~ then Children’s Medical Director at SEABHS (Southeastern Arizona Behavioral Health Services) noticed bike in the rack with a flat tire. He learned the bike was Maria’s (a social worker at SEABHS) “He let me know my tire was flat,” Maria said. “I told him I appreciated him telling me. When I came out at the end of my the shift my flat was fixed!”

Maria and Glenn found in each other a kindred spirit. Their cycling courtship lead to many adventures on the road. They married a year later in 2004.

Glenn, the more accomplished cyclist, encouraged Maria to enter a few competitions. Among her highlight was winning the 2005 AZ State Road Championship for Masters Women 45-49 age group.

Among their more romantic adventures were the bicycling trips to Italy (picture of them kissing). As a personal tradition Glenn traveled to Riccione, Italy every May to participate in the Nove Coli road race held during the Giro de Italia.

Glenn and Maria Harris were longtime participants in the Cochise County Cycling Classic. (12 times 2001 – 2013) Glenn rode 12 times 2001-2013, twice finishing 1st Place Male in the 42-mile event. Maria rode every other year. Glenn complete 27 Perimeter Bicycling events (2001 – 2013) including: El Tour de Tucson (6 times 2001-2011), El Tour de Phoenix/Mesa (4 times, 2003-2010) and Tour of the Tucson Mountains (5 times, 2001 – 2010).

“Glenn used to tell me I was his best cheerleader and personal photographer,” Maria said. “Glenn was in the competitive bracket, I rode more for company and fun.”

Maria is especially pleased the ride benefits DARC since both she and Glenn worked with patients with mental and emotional challenges. When Dr. Harris passed away earlier this year, he was medical director for COPE Community Services in Tucson. He was know for his simple and direct clinical and organizational philosophy, which included two components: world-class care for patients served and kindness toward everyone.

Dr. Harris was twice honored with the Exemplary Psychiatrist Award by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He had more than 25 years of experience in the delivery of mental health services to individuals of all ages, having practiced in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Idaho, and Arizona.

Dr. Harris was an avid skinny-tire bicyclist and racer, participating frequently in USA Cycling time trials, hill climbs, and road and stage races around Arizona. He built and maintained all the family bicycles using his experience as a master automobile mechanic for the 10 years prior to his career in psychiatry.

Maria is rode the 47-mile event with her two sons and in memory of her beloved late husband, Glenn.



2013 Dedication Recipient:

2013 Cochise Classic
Dedicated to:

Seana Hogan - Cycling Legend photo ©Tony Donaldson

Seana Hogan – Cycling Legend
photo ©Tony Donaldson

Seana Hogan – cycling legend; elite, world-class ultra-marathon racer; Transcontinental Record holder (9 days, 4 hours, 2 mins) and member of both the RAAM Hall of Fame and the UltraCycling Hall of Fame.

She holds numerous solo records: winner of RAAM six times – 1992, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’97 and ’98 – more than any other person. Many refer to Hogan as the best endurance cyclist ever – convincing because she either holds or held nearly every endurance cycling record available from 100 miles to RAAM. In fact, she still holds the overall (male or female) California N-S record time for the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco – in 1996, she rode that in an incredible 19 hours 11 minutes. In 1995 she was the outright winner of the Furnace Creek 508. Hogan also holds the world record for fastest down HWY 1 from Seattle to San Diego (3 days, 16 hours, 5 mins).  Seana rides her 8th RAAM in June 2013.

Last year Seana set the women’s overall outdoor track record, reclaiming a record that she set over fifteen years ago.  In November 2012 she won the women’s overall Worlds 24-Hour Time-Trial. She’s a a Stockton Bike club member, a member of the Delta Velo racing team, a wife, a mother, and has a professional business career with a Masters degree in Mathematics.


2012 Dedication Recipient:

2012 Cochise Classic
Dedicated to:

Lila and Totten

Leila and Totten Warfield

Leila & Totten Warfield (and Frankee) Perimeter Bicycling’s “First” World Cycling Ambassadors with more than 25 total years of loyal volunteer service. They began lending a hand wherever needed but over time became the experts and in charge of rider envelope packets for all of Perimeter’s events.  This amounts to over 13,000 packets a year.  “I wouldn’t know what to do without them,” Beverly Blohme, Perimeter’s Fiscal Director said.  “They are part of our Perimeter Family.”

“We volunteer four days a week because of Perimeter’s staff,” Totten Warfield said.  “The people who make the bicycle rides happen are wonderful.”  The Warfields usually bring their dachshund, Frankee, with them to work.  While at work Frankee sleeps on Totten’s chair.  “She’s my lumbar support.  I keep her warm and she helps my back feel better.” read more

Until recently the Warfields staffed the last “time station” of the longest-distance event for Cochise Classic. They would always wait for the last cyclist to come through, no matter how late the hour, no matter how dark it got in their remote station.  Veteran cyclists would look forward to stopping at their remote station just for a hug and some conversation.  They were often the inspiration for laboring cyclists to make it to the finish line.

The Warfields have brought in family members to help when things are in high gear just before each event.  Along with their help and Frankee, the Warfields have been and continue to be a source of joy and calmness making them the most precious ingredient of every event.



2011 Dedication Recipient:

2011 Cochise Classic
Dedicated to:


2011 Cochise Classic Dedication Recipient

Aureliano Valenzuela Román, 31, has overcome an obstacle that would make most people put away their bicycles, and now continues to ride at a high level. His inspirational example makes him more than deserving of the honor as Dedication Recipient for the Cochise County Cycling Classic, which will be held Oct. 8.

Aureliano was one of the top racers in his home state of Sinaloa, Mexico, winning the Torch Award for taking first in 25 local and state races.

In 1991 he was a Torch winner for national and international victories while representing the state of Jalisco. In September of that year, while participating in the Ruta Azteca, he was hit by a car. His injuries were severe, and he lost the use of his left arm. read more

Aureliano took an eight-year break from cycling, but came back to the bicycle. In 2008 he joined the cycling team “Los Muertos,” and the following year was invited to participate in the Paralympics in Canada. He was back in competition.

He won Gold in the 22.5 km (30.15 min) and 60 km (2 hrs and 50 min) categories in the Paralympic cycling nationals in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In 2010 he participated in El Tour and was a Platinum rider in the Tour de Mesa, finishing 68th overall.  In 2011 year he took Silver in the 22.5K time trial and 80K event in the Pan-American Games in Guadalajara Mexico.

Cochise Classic is honored to welcome Aureliano and his Los Muertos Team to the family.

Dedication Recipient History 

2016    Alex Oden 
2015    Andy Clarke
2014    Maria Guadalupe Harris
2013    Seana Hogan
2012    Leila & Totten Warfield
2011    Aureliano Valenzuela Román
2010    Fred Boethling (Pres/CEO RAAM)
2009    Curtis Foster
2008    John D. Hall (2008 US Perimeter Cyclist)
2007    Gary Clark (DARC)
2006    Toni Sodersten (Artist)
2005    Dan McGehee (Champion)
2004    Steve Born (Uitra cyclist)
2003    Rob Kish (Ultra Cyclist, RAAM champion)
2002    Greg Hockensmith  (Paraolympian Handcyclist)
2001    Jim Pitre (Owner/director of RAAM)
2000    Andy Guerrero  (Perimeter Route Director)
1999    The Peschka Family
1998    Tom Nieman
1997    Bob Benjamin
1996    Dwight Nelson
1995    Duane Wagner
1994    Debra House
1993    Reese Walton
1992    Dr. Charles Derby
1991    Elaine Marriolle
1990    Bill Mueller
1989    Winifred Ames
1988    Dr. Armando DeGuzman