Beneficiaries & Fundraising

Like all Perimeter Bicycling events, Cochise County Cycling Classic is a fundraiser for charities.  The principal beneficiary is Douglas ARC.

Douglas ARC
Serving all of Douglas with important programs,
helping to create a better community.

“Thank you for your contributions through Cochise Classic.
Your participation helps us to continue our mission.”
Gary Clarke, Executive Director

Senior Meals Program
300 meals a day are prepared for area seniors including meals on site, 100 meals for neighboring Bisbee and150 for the “meals on wheels” program to individual Douglas homes.

Grounds Maintenance and Janitorial Services
This program has done much to help participants become active, contributing members of society.  Participants receive training in landscape maintenance, yard work and housekeeping.  The success of this program brought a contract to perform all grounds maintenance for the City of Douglas low income housing.

Day Treatment Adult Program (DTA)
Keeping both the mind and body active is this program’s goal.  Designed to support adults with lower skill levels, it teaches social skills and safety concerns.  Participants have an opportunity to see and experience life as they may not have had the opportunity before.

Personal Living Skills
This program gives participants the chance to live on their own with a minimum of support.  Skills taught are cooking, cleaning, laundry, bill paying, shopping and how to be a part of the community with activities like eating out, volunteering or other activities the individual desires to be a valuable and contributing member of the community.

Douglas ARC
PO Box 252, Douglas AZ 85608
(520) 364-7473
Douglas ARC

History of Funds Raised
2014 Douglas ARC – $7,333
2013  Douglas ARC-$6,000
2013  Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation, Inc.-$220,200.
2012  Douglas ARC-$3,505.
2011  Douglas ARC-$3,000.
2010  Douglas ARC-$2,245.
2009  Douglas ARC-$8,045.
2008  Douglas ARC-$3,555.
2007  Douglas ARC-$7,715.
2006  Douglas ARC-$7,317.
2005  Douglas ARC-$5,470.
2004  Douglas ARC-$5,010.
2003  Douglas ARC-$5,005.
2002  Douglas ARC-$5,000.
2001  Douglas ARC-$4,100.
2000 Douglas ARC-$4,500.
1999 Douglas ARC-$3,045.
1998 Douglas ARC-$2,114.
1997 Douglas ARC-$2,478.
1996 Douglas ARC-$2,190.
1995 Douglas ARC-$3,443.
1994 Douglas ARC-$2,409.
1993 Douglas ARC-$5,783.
1992 Douglas ARC-$3,346.
1991 Douglas ARC-$2,493.
1990 Douglas ARC-$655.
1989 Douglas ARC-$1,871.
1988 Douglas ARC-$1,035.