Medallions will be handed out at the at the finish line, check for location at the Info tent.

• All cyclists finishing at least  27 miles will receive a medallion.

• Medallions will be presented to finishers as follows:

165 miles

Platinum Men…………. under 8:15 hrs  (more about platinum here)
Platinum Women……… under 8:30 hrs
All other finishers……… gold medallion

95 miles

Platinum Men………….. under 4:30 hrs (more about platinum here)
Platinum Women…….. under 4:50 hrs
All other finishers……… gold medallion

47 miles
All finishers……………….gold medallion

27 miles
All finishers……………….gold medallion

At ALL Perimeter Bicycling events we use GUN TIME, that is, the clock for everyone starts when the “gun goes off.”  Your time is recorded from the moment the gun goes off to the moment your timing chip crosses the finish line.

The Conquistador trophy, a unique trophy is Cochise Classic’s most prestigious symbol. It is given to certain award recipients designated by an asterisk.

Celebrate the first finishers!
11:30am:  1st – 3rd men and women in the 27, 47 & 95 mile events

12:30am:  1st 165-mile finisher


*   1st – 3rd Place Male and Female in each event distance.

*   1st Place Tandems – 165 mile event: Male, Mixed and Female

*   1st Place Mountain Bike – 165 mile event -(straight handle bars, minimum
1.25 inch tires

1st Place Recumbent – 165 mile event

*   1st Place Handcyclist in all events

*   Youngest Male & Female (14 & under) in the 165-mile event.
Youngest in the 95, 47 & 27 mile events will receive a special
Certificate of Accomplishment.

*   Most Distinguished Male & Female (65 & older) in the 165 mile event.
Most Distinguished in the 95, 47 & 27 mile events will receive a special
Certificate of Accomplishment.


*  CITY OF DOUGLAS Award to the last official 165 mile finisher.

*  CHIRICAHUA TREASURE CHEST & Treasure Chest Raffle.
Raising a minimum of $3,000 in contributions for Douglas ARC, our primary beneficiary will earn one (1) entry into the Treasure Chest Raffle.  Raising $5,000 or more will earn one (1) entry into the Treasure Chest Raffle for each $1,000 turned in to Perimeter Bicycling before the end of Expo the day before the event.  

*   The 4C’s RIDER could go to any rider in the event who shows the spirit of the event – sportsmanship, camaraderie, determination, etc. Event officials make selection.

*   OUTSTANDING SUPPORT CREW is determined by event officials and can go to any cyclist’s crew in the 165 event.

*   OUTSTANDING BIKE PATROL is determined by event officials with the help of the riders. Did Bike Patrol help you? Tell event officials at the finish line and help us reward the most helpful member.

A team or family may have as many members as they wish. The top family and the top team will be determined by points:

• 6 pts each 165 mile platinum finisher
• 5 pts each 165 mile gold finisher
• 4 pts each 95 mile platinum finisher
• 3 pts each 95 mile gold finisher
• 2 pts each 47 mile finisher
• 1 pt each 27 mile finisher

Contact registration @
for the TEAM and FAMILY awards registration forms

Perimeter Bicycling recognizes the accomplishment of cycling “perimeters” of geographical features such as mountains, cities, lakes, etc.  The minimum distance must be 50 miles and the start and finish must be the same place.  Each of Perimeter’s events includes at least one distance with a qualifying perimeter.  Completing two of those distances earns a cyclist a Double Crown Award.  Completing three earns a Triple Crown Award.
Qualifying events/distances are:

El Tour de Mesa:
62-mile (100k) event, the perimeter of Red Mountain, AZ
Cochise County Cycling Classic:
165-mile event, the perimeter of the Dragoon Mountains, AZ
95-mile event, the perimeter of Potter Mountain, AZ
El Tour de Tucson:
106-mile event, the perimeter of Tucson, AZ

If you like bicycling perimeters, consider joining Perimeter Bicycling – you’ll be acknowledged for your accomplishments and receive discounts to our events!

Contact event headquarters for more information about these awards: registration @perimeterbicycling.