Perimeter Profile: Danny Trujillo

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016


Danny Trujillo, last rider on the Cochise Classic 165-mile ride and recipient of the City of Douglas Award. Way to go Danny! Sheila Foraker Photo

In early Spring of 2015, Danny Trujillo noticed a pack of bicyclists riding along on Mission Road to Valencia. He was on his way to work at the Pascua Yaqui Police Department. “It looked like fun,” he said. “I thought, I want to do that.” He bought a bike. He was looking for people to ride with and then learned that the Pascua diabetes program had a team training for El Tour. Although Trujillo does not have diabetes, the disease does run in his family. “I’ve lost 38 pounds,” he said. “I feel healthier and happier.” He’s even encouraging his fellow officers to also take up bicycling to help stay in shape for the job.

After finishing his first cycling event ~ the 2015 El Tour 104-miler ~  Trujillo set his sights on the 165-mile Cochise Classic. Every Sunday for six weeks,  he’d pack up his bike after work and drive down to ride a new section of the Cochise Classic route. “The first week I rode from Douglas to Bisbee and then marked the road where I stopped,” he said. “The next week I start from the exact place I stopped the week before.” The training paid off. Trujillo is pictured here receiving the City of Douglas Award ~ presented to the 165-mile cyclist who spent the most time on the road (and still finished officially).

Trujillo is now one of the veteran riders on the Pascua Yaqui team and mentor to others. “Bicycling is the best medicine and a great way to meet new friends,” he said. This year, Trujillo will riding the slightly longer, 106-mile El Tour.

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