Perimeter Profile: Sherry Grijalva ~ Proud mom quilts son’s championship jerseys into work of love and art

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


Sherry Grijalva (with husband Ray) beside the quilt of championship jerseys she made for her son, Philip Tinstman ~ 1st Male Finisher in 2014 El Tour de Tucson

Last week we received a visit from Sherry Grijalva ~ mother of 2014 El Tour de Tucson 1st place finisher Philip Tinstman ~ she had just finished the quilt she had made from her son’s championship jerseys and event T-shirts and she wanted to share it with us before delivering it to Philip in San Marcos, CA next month. Richard DeBernardis was so impressed with quilt that he asked if she would like to display it at the El Tour de Mesa Dedication Dinner.

Tinstmanraceleader300x225“Making a jersey quilt was not as easy as a T-shirt quilt because I had to cut the pieces into different shapes and sizes and sew them together like a jigsaw puzzle,” Sherry explained.  The patches came from a collection of jerseys from events he competed in from 18 – 40 years of age. “There was only one jersey with his name on it so I put it in the center and worked out from there.” The project was a 5-month labor of love from November to April.

The quilt includes the 2014 El Tour de Tucson T-shirt with “Race Winner” above and “Bucket List” below.  There are mountain and road bike events represented included a California and Nevada District Championships, the Sea Otter Classic; The Valley of the Sun, and Ironhorse and so many more.

backquilt320x200pxThe back of the quilt is decorated with prints of bikes and wheels with  the messages: “Enjoy the Ride” and “It’s not the destination it’s the journey”. Sherry was at quite a few of these races when he first started.  “He quit baseball in high school to ride his mountain bike.  It was hard for me to cut them up.  But making it [the quilt] was a journey for me, too.”

“Both of my kids started out in BMX when they were small, then went onto mountain bikes, then he [Philip] went on to road bikes,” she said. Daughter Amber Tinstman still competes in enduro races ~ both Philip and Amber are now in their 40s.

note from Mom300x225px

Philip Tinstman works for one of his sponsors, Spy Optics and races for MRI Endurance Elite Masters Team.

“I’m just so proud of Phillip,” Sherry said. “I think this will be something he can pass down to his kids and their kids also. When I told him I was coming to the Dedication Dinner, Philip said ‘Oh, mom you’re going to have a great time! You’ll love it.'”

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