Perimeter Bicycling discontinues “Vegas” event

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015


Perimeter Bicycling will discontinue the production of a “Vegas” perimeter bicycling event in 2015 due to insufficient financial and in-kind support from the local municipalities of Las Vegas.

In February 2014, the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada, producers of Viva Bike Vegas, announced that they would no longer coordinate the event. Because of a strong friendly working relationship between Perimeter and RTC over the past seven years, Perimeter offered to keep Viva going for another year as long as there was financial and in-kind support to cover a portion of the traffic control and safety equipment expenses.  RTC, City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson and agreed to the proposal and Perimeter Bicycling produced the Viva Bike Vegas on InterBike weekend, September 13, 2014.

A diverse and beautiful course challenged more than 380 cyclists who bicycled 101-, 62- or 25-miles circling the perimeter of Las Vegas and passing by the magnificent peaks of Red Rock Canyon. Although temperatures reached 100 degrees on ride day, the event was an incredible experience for all involved.

Perimeter began negotiating at the beginning of 2015 with the four main partners to continue the event under the condition that Perimeter would be given the same amount of financial and in-kind support as 2014. Earlier this month Perimeter was notified that the same amount of funding would not be available in 2015. Therefore, Perimeter decided it wasn’t able to produce the Vegas event this year.

Richard DeBernardis, President & Founder of Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc., said, “Sadly, Perimeter will not produce a 2015 perimeter event in Las Vegas. We loved working with everyone in the Vegas community. We’re a small non-profit organization that relies on the support of local municipalities in order to produce an event of this stature. El Tour de Tucson and El Tour de Mesa are what they are today because the local municipalities support these events through City, County, and/or convention & visitor bureau funding. Without municipal support, Perimeter Bicycling is unable to produce events like this.”

Perimeter receives many calls each year asking for an El Tour event in their community.   Most individuals are surprised to find out that Perimeter requires funds from local groups for such events and that Perimeter does not produce these events pro-bono. DeBernardis added that while Perimeter would love to do so, the reality is “someone has to pay for it.” Perimeter events rely on partners and sponsors to help reduce the cost of production expenses, otherwise cyclists would have to pay a $200 – $250 entry fee per event. “Perimeter events are partnerships with cyclists, businesses, local municipalities and non-profits that benefit from the event,” DeBernardis said. “Not one sector can pay for an event of this magnitude. It’s an expensive proposition, but well-worth the many benefits including economic impact, fundraising, publicity, education, safety development, and health and wellness. El Tour events are investments in the well being of a community.”

Special thanks go to the partners of the 2014 Viva Bike Vegas: RTC, City of Henderson, City of Las Vegas and; and the beneficiaries: Discovery Children’s Museum, League of American Bicyclists and Safe Nest for their help, support and promotion of the ride; and to our wonderful major sponsors including:, Caesars Entertainment, The LINQ, Land Rover Las Vegas, and KTNV Channel 13. You’re all awesome! Thanks for the adventure and experience!


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