Keep your cost as low as possible for El Tour!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

2015 EL TOUR LOGO No Number224x346pxThere are two ways to minimize your cost and maximize your benefits for El Tour & Cochise Classic:

1.   Register as soon as possible while the processing fee is at its lowest. The processing fee portion goes up over time, so the sooner you register, the lower the fee, resulting in a lower overall cost to you.

2.   The processing fee can always be paid in advance with the balance of your fees due by the time you pick up your packet.  You can pay the balance yourself or get someone else to do it!  How? By collecting $200 or more in contributions to Easter Seals.  Turn in at least $200 and you’ll receive your full entry as well as an El Tour poster – all you have to do is collect the contributions from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc.  Everyone wins.  You’ll ride El Tour for the least amount possible, Easter Seals will receive the contribution and be able to continue its vital services to Southern Arizona, and your donors will receive a tax-deduction.

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