2014 Cochise County Cycling Classic ~ Perfect Day for Cycling

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

CC2014startDouglas, AZ   (October 13, 2014)  Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc announces the unofficial results for the first through third place finishers in all distances of the Cochise County Cycling Classic.   262 cyclists participated in the 27th Cochise Classic on October 11 in the 165, 97, 47 and 27-mile distances.  Rainy days led up to the event, but the weather Saturday was perfect to be outside on a bicycle. Start and finish for all distances was at the Cochise County Fairgrounds.

165-Mile Male Podium Finishers:

1st Place: Richard Horn, 45, Tucson, AZ 7:10:35 (repeats 1st place finish from last year)

2nd  Place: Shane Castle, 48, Tucson, AZ, 7:10:57

3rd Place: Bob McKenzie, 62, Tulsa, OK, 7:57:38

165-Mile Female Podium Finishers:

1st Place: Jessica Walker, 36, Tucson, AZ, 9:14:01 who repeated her first place finish from the past two years.

2nd Place: Selina Ashworth, 38, Mesa, AZ, 9:55:20 who was the first place finisher in 2011

3rd Place: Randy Love, 65, Nashville, IL, 10:15:01 (who was 1st Female in 252-mile Cochise Classic in 2004)


Ken Wallace ~ proprietor of the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel ~ was named the Cochise Classic Volunteer of the Year. Ken did an excellent job as a 95-Mile Event Official keeping the riders safe and moving smoothly. We appreciate Ken’s continued supporter for the Cochise Classic. Photo by: Russ Roca with The Path Less Pedaled

95-Mile Male Podium Finishers:

1st Place: Brian Forbes, 42, Tucson, AZ, 4:05:18 who seems to always be on the podium — he finished second in Viva Bike Vegas in September.

2nd Place: Robert Chorost, 22, Tucson, AZ, 4:05:19

3rd Place:  Jonathan Wickner, 21, Tucson, AZ, 4:07:29

95-Mile Female Podium Finishers:

1st Place: Amber Peterman, 45, Oro Valley, 4:11:27 who was the first place female finisher in the rainiest El Tour de Tucson in 2013.

2nd Place: Karla Gendler, 35, Austin, TX, 4:11:30

3rd Place: Sheila Womack, 41, Tucson, AZ, 4:49:48

47-Mile Male Podium Finishers:

1st Place: AJ Peil, 32, Phoenix, AZ, 2:02:01 who was first place finisher in 2012.

2nd Place: David Hamblen, 46, Scottsdale, AZ, 2:02:13

3rd Place: Brian McQuiston, 67, Tucson, AZ, 2:02:15

47-Mile Female Podium Finishers:

1st Place: Marti Papke, 55, Gilbert, AZ, 2:24:34 who defended her first place finish from 2013.

2nd Place: Maria Laporte, 44, Hermosillo, Son, MX, 2:30:43

3rd Place: Sandy Alter, 49, Tucson, AZ, 2:31:53

47-Mile 1st Handcyclist: David Moyer, 59, Tucson, AZ, 4:04:55

27-Mile Male Podium Finishers:

1st Place: Terry Stager, 67, Oracle, AZ, 1:15:02

2nd Place: David Tannenbaum, 53, Sierra Vista, Az, 1:20:59

3rd Place: Alexander Cecen, 24, Tucson, AZ,1:30:21

27-Mile Female Podium Finishers:

1st Place: Amie Peil, 31, Phoenix, AZ, 1:32:01

2nd Place: Sandra Martindale, 58, Phoenix, AZ, 2:04:34

3rd Place: Debra Briles, 58, Elgin, AZ, 2:04:34. Debra earned the Teri Lorts Diabetes Award in El Tour de Tucson

The 2014 Cochise Classic honored Maria Guadalupe Harris who bicycled in memory of her husband, Glenn Ferguson Harris, MD (1949-2014), and who shared their love for each other through cycling. She was honored at the Pre-Ride Pasta Dinner & Dedication Ceremony and rode the 47- mile event.

AWARDS (More to be announced in Tail Winds Nov/Dec issue)

The 4C’s Rider: Randy Love

Outstanding Support Crew: Arnold Cabalfin’s crew took excellent care of their rider who became ill 146 miles into the event. As much as they wanted to see Arnold finish, his health was most important.  They waited for almost two hours to see if his condition would improve, trying everything, and then supported him in his decision to stop.  Arnold was awarded a 95-mile medallion for finishing that distance.

Outstanding Volunteer: Ken Wallace

Outstanding Volunteer Group: Douglas Police Explorer Post 454

The 2014 Cochise Classic in Douglas benefits Douglas Association For Retarded Citizens (DARC), whose mission is to support and involve people with developmental disabilities within the Douglas community.  Their ultimate goal is to place people in jobs in the community. This year’s 2014 Cochise Classic also benefited a border charity, the Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation, Inc.  Rancho Feliz was established in 1987 as a volunteer organization based in Scottsdale, AZ and dedicated to providing opportunities along the US/MX border. Since it’s inception, Rancho Feliz has hosted over 17,000 U.S. volunteers at is facilities in nearby Agua Prieta, Sonora (just across the border fromDouglas, AZ). Once again, Rancho Feliz included the Cochise Classic as part of it’s “BIGGER than Borders” service weekend.  Rancho Feliz provided an international presence bringing riders from Mexico and Arizona to the event.

Since its inception, the Cochise Classic has raised over $106,000 for both DARC and the Arthritis Foundation.  The 2014 Cochise Classic receives support and cooperation from the United States Border Patrol; Cochise County; Dakotapro.biz; Cochise County Fairgrounds; Douglas Police; Freeport McMoRan; Gadsden Hotel; Kola’s LLC; Pactimo; Perimeter Bicycling; Southwest Gas; Tail Winds; The Avenue B&B; US Border Patrol and VisitSierraVista.com.

Complete Cochise Classic results are online. Results and complete individual and specialty awards will also be published Tail Winds Nov/Dec issue.

Check Cochise County Cycling Classic Facebook page for event pictures or to share your pictures!  

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