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Perimeter Bicycling Association of America Inc. is a membership supported 501(c)(3) organization.

Become a Member, Be Part of the Mission

Our mission is to enhance wellness by promoting bicycling as a means to good mental and physical health by producing bicycling events benefiting other non-profit organizations. Your participation in our events supports this goal. Please consider becoming a member of Perimeter Bicycling as we continue to develop programs that enhance our community.

Membership Objectives

  • To encourage and promote the concept of bicycling perimeters
  • To record and recognize perimeter accomplishments throughout the world
  • To promote bicycling as a means of good physical and mental health
  • To encourage individuals to adopt bicycling as a natural activity in their daily life
  • To help raise money for other non-profit charitable organizations.

Membership Benefits

  • All qualifying Perimeter Accomplishments published once a year in Tail Winds, our bimonthly newpaper.
  • Special Certificate of Accomplishment for each qualifying documented perimeter ride (see below)
  • Listing of all accomplishments on our website, see the list HERE 
  • Free Subscription to Tail Winds
  • Discounts on event registration fees
  • Mailed copy of the Perimeter Bicycling Journal, our annual full-color magazine highlighting all our events.
  • Free shipping for any purchase of event posters.

What is a qualifing Perimeter ride/event?

Bicycling a ride or event of 50 miles or more around a physical geographic area such as a city, lake, state, country, etc.  The ride must begin and end in the same place in one  session and the individual must pedal the entire way (a limited distance of boats, trains or other transport may be used).   All qualifying rides must be pre-approved.

How to become a member

Write membership @
Call (520) 745-2033
Download a membership application HERE

Perimeter Accomplishments

Check out the current list of Perimeter Accomplishments HERE.


ACCOMLISHMENT/RECORD FORM – to request approval of or report your new qualifying ride HERE

TRANSCRIPT FORM – to list all your previous qualifying perimeter accomplishments click HERE

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