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Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Your ad could be hereTo advertise in Perimeter eNews or on our Perimeter website, please NEW your adcontact: Marilyn Hall, Media Director


phone: 520-745-2033

Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc sends out an eNews to approximately 20,000 addresses in our database twice per month. These eNews bulletins include information about upcoming events, registration, and sponsors.
eNews “Blast” Banner
–  Placed in the body of the eNews. Maximum 400pixels wide x 60 pixels high. Submit in jpg format at 72 dpi along with linking information.
eNews “Blast” Article with logo or picture
–  Placed in body of the eNews. Provide up to 150 words for the ad and linking information. Image will be reduced to maximum 125 pixels wide if we receive anything larger. So 125 x 125 is ideal.
Sidebar Ad
–  Small (125 x 125 pixels) Placed on right sidebar of eNews
–  Large (125wide x 250 high) Placed on right sidebar of eNews
Advertising Rates – based on per month – runs twice per month
Blast Banner ad:  $750
Blast Article:  1mo- $500   2mo- $800    3mo- $1125    4mo- $1400
Sidebar Ad small:  $400/mo
Sidebar Ad  large:  $700/mo

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