2013 El Tour de Tucson Slogan Contest Winner “BETTER TOGETHER THROUGH BICYCLING”

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

2013-ETT-BASIC-LOGO-Jan-08-Janey Katz of Silver City, New Mexico submitted “Better Together” which the Publicity committee revised to ” BETTER TOGETHER THROUGH BICYCLING” ~ the winning slogan.

As the winner, she will receive a complimentary entry into the 2013 El Tour plus $100! We had a total of  84 submissions to consider – Janey’s entry emerged as the favorite at our recent publicity meeting with the committee’s revision to our final “Better Together Through Bicycling”  Thank you, Janey,  for your idea – the slogan represents cultural diversity, strength, inspiration, challenge, survival, continuance, and accomplishment.

A metal artist, Janey cuts out animal shapes from old truck roofs and hoods and ships them to galleries around the country. She also has a gallery/yarn shop on the main street of downtown Silver City called “Art and Conversation” and “Yada Yada Yarn”.

Janey has ridden El Tour in the past mostly in the 40+ mile category but once in the 66-mile event. She is a member of the women’s cycling group called “Chicas de la Gila” in Silver City. The group often rides in Tucson and are also big supporters of the Tour of the Gila.

El Tour  is on Janey’s calendar again this year. She says, “The thing that I like best about being a participant in your event is the diversity of all the different riders and all different levels of fitness and all different kinds of bikes and how they are all riding together … the energy is amazing!”

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