Perimeter Profile: Citi Corporate Volunteers

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Citi volunteers handed out thousands of medallions on El Tour ride day. Citi Photo

Perimeter Bicycling events are made possible by the generous support of our generous underwriters and volunteers. Welcome back Citi for the 10th year of corporate and volunteer support.          Thank You!

Citi, an international financial services company with a call center in Tucson employing nearly 2,000 people, provides employee volunteers and financial support to many non-profit organizations including El Tour de Tucson.  Though their corporate Volunteer Program, Tucson Citi employees have been an important and dependable part of the Tour of the Tucson Mountains and El Tour de Tucson since 2004.  “They arrive happy to help and ready to do whatever is asked of them,” said Sally Valenzuela, Perimeter Bicycling marketing director.

“We’re proud to have the support of Citi and their wonderful, hardworking employees.”

According to Jason Ott, community relations for Citi and the person responsible for spearheading the partnership, “El Tour is a great community event and it tops the list of our partnerships created over time.” Since 2004, Citi volunteers have logged over 1500 hours of service. Last year, some 47 Citi volunteers logged 376 hours handing out finisher’s medallions on El Tour ride day and helping with packet pick-up at El Tour Expo.



Citi’s 2012 El Tour de Tucson Team KIND riders. Citi Photo


Citi’s support for El Tour and Ben’s Bells Project was also evident on the road.




Click here to learn more about Citi’s community development work.

Click here to learn about career opportunities at Citi.



Each e-News bulletin features a Perimeter Bicycling community member who contributes to the success of our events. Contact Elaine Mariolle, Public Affairs for Perimeter Bicycling to suggest someone you think deserves the recognition – it may be a rider, volunteer, sponsor, or beneficiary.

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