Perimeter Profile: Patti Meese

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012


Last year, I rode El Tour wearing my 6″ stilettos not only to prove to myself that I could but to encourage others. I also raised money for the Parkinson Disease Foundation where I work as a research advocate.

True, I only rode the 6-mile Fun Ride but for me this was a tremendous accomplishment. You see, I was diagnosed with PD on May 15, 2008 and it has been a tough road to say the least. At one point on my path with Parkinson’s I was shuffling, my left leg was dragging and my posture was stooped.  I had become a hermit and I didn’t know where to turn or what to do.  But after an amazing physical therapy program and continuous exercise, I now enjoy riding my bicycle and wearing heels.  I have my life back!

Although I can’t ride 111 miles like so many of the amazing athletes including members of Pedal Over Parkinson’s group but I think I’ll be the only one riding in heels.

This year I’ll be riding the 10-mile Fun ride in my 6″ stilettos and will again fundraise for Parkinson’s Disease Foundation as Team Foxy Heels.

Next year, I plan to ride 30 miles in El Tour de Mesa.

Wish me luck!

If you elect, you can ride El Tour and raise funds for the Parkinson Disease Foundation. Click here to register to ride for Parkinson’s.

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