Perimeter Profile: Highway Technologies

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

by Harry Anthros, El Tour Assistant Route Director

As Branch Manager for Tucson’s Highway Technologies, Bobby Robbins has been working with Perimeter Bicycling for many years to keep our roads and riders safe on event day.

It takes months of preparation to get ready for an event as big as El Tour. There are monthly meetings with local, county and state agencies. Traffic control plans are laid out, reviewed by Perimeter Bicycling Association and other agencies to ensure that our roads are safe to ride. Permits and insurance certificates are acquired.

Highway Technologies provides local contractors with their services as well. If they don’t have enough equipment locally, then they reach out to their other sites in or out of state. El Tour uses thousands of different types of barricades, signs, cones, vertical panels, message boards, traffic drums and lane closures. Robbins has to be sure his office has enough barricades to cover our event locally.

As we near the event, Robbins’ crews go out a couple of days in advance to place some of the equipment along the roadside, out of the way of traffic until ride day.

In the wee hours of the morning on ride day, before you and I wake up, Highway Technologies’ crews are out setting up the necessary equipment, closing lanes and working closely with Police, Sheriff and the Department of Public Safety taking every precaution possible for a safe ride.

Later in the day, the crews are out picking up equipment after the 9,000+ riders have passed certain points on the route. They will be out all day, and the following day if needed, bringing the myriad of signs and barricades back to the yard.

Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc. would like to thank Bobby Robbins and his staff for the outstanding job they do before, during and after the event.

Each e-News bulletin features a Perimeter community member who contributes to the success of our events. Contact Elaine Mariolle, Public Affairs for Perimeter Bicycling, to suggest someone you think deserves the recognition – it may be a rider, volunteer, sponsor, or beneficiary.

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