Featured El Tour Beneficiary of the Week: Uphill Into The Wind

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Uphill Into The Wind is returning for the second consecutive year as an El Tour beneficiary, which means, if you elect, you can raise money and ride for Uphill Into The Wind in the 30th El Tour.

Uphill Into The Wind is dedicated to supporting the 501(c)3 charities whose mission it is to do research, find cures and educate patients and their families in the numerous diseases affecting mankind. They do this by loaning bicycles to individuals participating in charity cycling events who could not otherwise afford to buy their own bike for the event.

By providing loaner bicycles to individuals who wish to participate in a charity cycling event, Uphill Into The Wind allows them to focus their efforts on fundraising for the charity rather than face the expense of buying a bike. Through a loan application and agreement process, potential borrowers are screened for financial need. They must show proof of registration and fundraising effort for a qualifying charity cycling or triathlon event. Once approved, the loaner bicycle is professionally fit to the cyclist and available for a maximum of 14 weeks of training and completion of event. Upon its return to the foundation, the bike is inspected and prepared for loan to another individual.

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