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Perimeter Bicycling’s Bike Patrol…the helping hands, eyes and ears of our events.  Bike Patrol helps cyclists on the route with minor mechanical aid, first aid and moral support.  Nearly 300 certified Bike Patrol cyclists bring enthusiasm for cycling and a deep pool of experience to ensure the success of thousands of riders in Perimeter’s events every year.  They ride all or part of an event’s route stopping to assist other cyclists and report their activities to headquarters during the event. Learn More

Each Patroller must be certified to ride an event – a short class ensuring that you know what to expect and what is expected of you during an event.  Certifications must be renewed every two (2) years.  

All Bike Patrol in an event receive a special Bike Patrol finishers medallion, an event t-shirt and could qualify for the Outstanding Bike Patrol Award.

Bike Patrol stands out from other cyclists with either the Bike Patrol Jersey or a special Bike Patrol t-shirt
that must be worn while patrolling an event. 
The BP t-shirt will come with your registration.

Or you can purchase a BP jersey ($50) which is far more comfortable and stylish.  


It’s not all about being on the bike.  Sometimes help is needed to:
+ answer phones on ride day to record activity of BP on the route
+ staff the Bike Patrol/Route booth at Expo/packet pickup
+ conduct the Safety/Orientation meetings at Expo
+ help manage the start lines, especially at the platinum area
+ teach a certification class

+ have the desire to help others-you must stop to help others
+ understand that you will not be timed for an event  
+ knowledge & experience changing tubes on a bike (this is the most frequent activity during an event
+  knowledge of replacing a chain
+  Get certified (see class schedule below)
+  Register for an event
+  ride the event and report your activity
+  IMPORTANT:  Bike Patrol is for those who want to help/give back to the event and cyclists.  It is not for anyone seeking a cheap entry to the ride.  

We strive to gain the support of bike shops and sponsors to help but have found that Bike Patrollers’ direct relationships with their favorite bike shop will often help with bike-related supplies such as tubes, tire levers, patch kits, pumps, as well as electrolyte replacement gels/powders.    Perimeter Bicycling will supply a small kit with first aid supplies and as much bike stuff as we can get for you.  

What Bike Patrollers traditionally bring:

tubes/ patched or new 
tire levers
pump – the bigger ones (don’t wear out your arms)
electrolyte powders
bananas (from an aid station)
You’ll learn more at the certification class…. 




Get your Bike Patrol experience started 


First Time Bike Patrol:  please email us at

Returning Bike Patrollers Register HERE

37th El Tour de Tucson
100, 50 or 25 miles with Fun Ride of 10 or 4 miles
In Tucson, AZ on Saturday, November 23, 2019

Current Bike Patrol 2019.12.10

Certification Classes are posted below for 
for Tucson and Metro Phoenix area. 

There are a lot of new and exciting changes for the 2019 El Tour.
We encourage EVERYONE to attend a session to refresh your knowledge and learn about the changes for 2019.   If you have any questions about Bike Patrol call Greg Yares 520-323-9020 or Bill Sarnack 520-979-8672



When: Friday, November 22 at 5:30pm
Where: El Tour Expo at Armory Park (In the Education Tent – North of the Children’s Museum)



Do you like to talk with people one on one or in front of a crowd? 
  • Staff the Bike Patrol booth at Expo/packet pickup.
    Meet other Bike Patrollers check in and discuss the route with cyclists. 
  • Help with the ride-day BP Hotline phones
  • Be a presenter at the Safety/Orientation Meetings at Expo!
    These brief sessions (one every half hour) present important information to cyclists about the route and what to expect during the ride.  It’s also an opportunity for cyclists to ask questions.  

Contact for more info on these opportunities

Bike Patrol Listing

Help us keep our list current.  Let us know if we missed crediting you for an event. Also, check your certification date.  If your certification is not current, please plan to attend a class before your next event.  Thanks!

Bike Patrol Certification class schedule is being set and will be posted below when available.  

Current Bike Patrol List
corrections needed? 

Bike Patrol Manual

The Bike Patrol Manual is a ready handbook of policies and procedures, event rules and other important information.  A hard copy is provided at Certification classes.
Contains all the latest updates!  Check it out 

Bike Patrol manual 2019

Route Maps

Bike Patrollers may ride all or part of the route of our events. 
For El Tour de Tucson “Sectors” may be set up for BP to patrol sections of the route without having to be at a start line or finish the event.  Contact if you’d like to service a segment of the route.  
2019 El Tour Route Maps 

News and Events for Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol jerseys can be purchased for $55  – NO RIDE MINIMUM REQUIRED!

The Bike Patrol jersey is a more comfortable option to identify you as part of the team.   The jersey is made by our Official Technical Apparel Provider, PRIMAL.  The Club Cut Bike Patrol jersey is a relaxed fit with sizes up to 5X.  Contact the Bike Patrol Director ASAP and we’ll check inventory or get one in your size on order.  DEADLINE to order a jersey for El Tour is September 15th .  Jersey pick up is at our office or at Expo. 

Call or email for details: 

Approved non-Perimeter Patrol Opportunities

Periodically, other event organizers request Bike Patrol  help for their event.  Check back here to see the latest.   By participating in these pre-approved events, you can earn more points towards your Bike Patrol Awards.

In the past, Bike Patrol has helped with:

  • Ride of Silence
  • Mt. Lemmon Marathon
  • MS 150


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